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Popular Austin Blogger Sisters Fight the CBD Mystery at Their Family Cannabis Shop

RESTART CBD Aims to be a Place for Healthy Learning

BY // 07.28.19

They say never to go into business with your family, but sisters Sydney and Shayda Torabi are proving that notion wrong. The Torabi sisters are the founders and owners of RESTART CBD, which claims to be Austin’s first locally handcrafted organic CBD wellness brand.

RESTART aims to be a safe space to ask questions, get educated and discover how CBD products can fit into your life.

The Torabi sisters pursued other careers before opening RESTART at 2521 Rutland Drive. Shayda was working in web development and expanding her ever-popular blog and Instagram, With Shayda,. Sydney was pursuing work as a nutritionist and working as an Under Armour sponsored athlete and fitness trainer while having a popular Instagram and blog in her own right. 

Cannabis and related products have been a significant part of the Torabis’ home life. Beyond just the two sisters, the whole family was deeply interested in the medicinal and healing properties of CBD. Shayda was injured in a car accident that left her with two fractures in her pelvis, and after almost a year of traditional recovery methods, she was still in chronic pain.

“As the story goes, I found incredible recovery through consuming high doses of CBD based products,” Shayda Torabi says. “Within three weeks I found myself able to find relief from the pain.”

And after seeing the benefits of CBD in her own life, Shayda was inspired to join forces with her sister Sydney to answer questions those curious about CBD have. The sisters understand that the market is very unregulated right now — and that it can be a scary place for unsure consumers.

“We happily serve baby boomers, millennials, veterans, professional athletes, medical professionals,” Shayda says. “And the reality is no matter what age you are, what background you have, pain is universal.”

Maintaining access to high quality CBD is all about putting quality plant-based medicine in the hands of the people, according to Shayda. 

RESTART CBD originally launched with tinctures, but what really sets the sisters’ brand apart is the launch of an isolate based CBD oil, which is void of other cannabinoids (like THC), making them flavorless and extremely effective.

From there, the store expanded into pet products, topicals and edibles. And, the Torabi sisters commitment to quality means that none of their products have additives, preservatives, or flavorings. 

“CBD is a personal journey, everyone’s body is going to respond to CBD at a different milligram,” Shayda says. “So we really just want people to feel confident in making decisions for themselves.”

The Torabi sisters are committed to educating consumers on the trendy ingredient they’re putting in their body, which can now be found in soda, candy, and even cookies. They encourage carefully reading ingredient labels, and considering how much CBD is in the bottle, the size of the bottle and the ingredients listed. 

RESTART CBD is located at 2521 Rutland Drive, Suite 150A in North Burnet, Austin.

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