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Candytopia Returns to Houston With a Sweet Twist — New CITYCENTRE Locale Provides a Boost

When All the World is Candy

BY // 07.23.21

Houston’s colorful interactive museum is back and better than before. Candytopia has officially returned to H-Town and its new CITYCENTRE location is sweeter than ever.

No strangers to bringing in fun art installations, this mixed-use center’s newest attraction ups the whimsy. Tucked away within CITYCENTRE’s never-ending lineup of stores and restaurants, a hidden candy land has been brought to life. Just past Candytopia’s towering gates is a delectably magical confectionary world.

While return visitors will recognize some old favorites, Candytopia has evolved into an expanding colorful wonderland. This is very much a new interactive art land.

It’s a different set than we had the first time around so there are some new things that we obviously have,” Canytopia CEO John Goodman tells PaperCity.

New additions include a rainbow confetti room complete with confetti cannons, an updated art gallery (think MOMA meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and a massive marshmallow pit. Just to name a few.

What does it take to build a candy museum? Well, just short of magic.


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Whether wandering through the candy library, strolling through the magical forest, or taking a dive under the sea, visitors are treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the wonders in this new Candytopia. Next to many installations is a plaque with stats including the number of hours and pieces of candy needed to build it. Each creature from a small snail to a larger than life fire-breathing dragon was meticulously sculpted in a uniquely sweet medium.

Goodman points out the small jelly beans and gummy rings used to construct a large pink elephant on display at the exit of Candytopia.

It’s a very time consuming process,” he says. We can only imagine. 

Candytopia's marsh-mellow pit
A never-ending Marshmellow pit provides the ultimate fun at Candytopia. (Photo by Gabriela Izquierdo)

After a stint in Miami, Houstonians get to enjoy the sweet life at least through Labor Day.

We’ll see to potentially extend after that,” Goodman says. “We love Houston. The last time we were here for about four and a half months. It was wildly successful and I’m very excited.”

Candytopia makes for a good summer Texas getaway (it’s indoors). It’s a place to get transported into a magical world where everything’s sweet like candy. Because it’s all made of the stuff.

We’re really excited to be back in Houston,” Goodman says. “We really think it’s for all ages. It doesn’t matter. It’s an interactive experience and now more than ever we really just want people to have fun. We’re the ultimate sweet escape.”

Tickets for Candytopia are $20 for kids aged 4 to 12 and $28 for adults. It opens at 10 am daily with its last entry time at 8:30 pm. For more information on the candy coated pop-up universe, click here.

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