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Children’s Cancer Fund Showcases Strength and Creativity in Moving Exhibition of Healing Works at NorthPark Center

Support the Bravest Kids You'll Ever Meet

BY // 04.09.21

The indomitable spirit and strength of children are an inspiration to behold. And that’s especially and poignantly true of children fighting cancer. These youngsters, many of them facing battles that would exhaust most adults, somehow tap into their inner reserves and celebrate the joy around them, often while experiencing excruciating pain.

These remarkable kid patients do not go through their experiences, alone, however. Parents, siblings, doctors and nurses and technicians, and other caregivers and supporters all do their parts in helping these brave youngsters through treatments and healing. And so does art.

Children’s Cancer Fund knows how important art therapy is to the healing of young cancer patients, and the Healing Works exhibit at NorthPark Center gives you the perfect opportunity to share in the moving stories told by children through these personal and illuminating creations. Sunsets, smiles and symbolic memories are just some of the things painted and drawn by these artists, and their accomplishments deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

“The community is coming together to support this unique initiative with an outpouring of support,” said Children’s Cancer Fund Executive Director Jennifer Arthur. “For the second year in a row, we could not host the Annual CCF Gala, but this exhibit is a power example of the resilience our of patients and the community as a whole. Our mission will continue. We won’t stop until we find a cure.”

The nonprofit Children’s Cancer Fund, founded in 1982 by a group of parents whose children were undergoing treatment at Children’s Medical Center, helps childhood cancer patients by investing strategically in research and care initiatives in North Texas. Its fundraising events — plus private donations — have a profound effect on the lives of many of the children who are diagnosed with cancer every year in Texas, and its mission — to care for these patients and ultimately find a cure for childhood cancer — is a vital one.

How vital? Just ask Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman and Candice Romo, all of who serve on the fund’s advisory board.

The act of creating art plays a pivotal role in the treatment and healing of young cancer patients.

Healing Works puts the artwork of childhood cancer patients front and center. These works are created under the guidance of dedicated art therapists. And they tell these courageous kids’ stories. Including the joyous triumphs, difficult struggles and everything in between of kids being kids while going through the fight of their lives.

Walking through the exhibit will be an evocative, moving and emotional introduction to some of the most remarkable children you’ll ever meet, including Christoper Villareal and Caroline Duncan.

Christopher Villareal, 7, wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Christopher, who says he is “always” happy, worked with his art therapist to paint his family’s house, complete with a healthy green lawn and a magnificent blue sky. The 7-year-old’s smile is more than expressive, and his art demonstrates an optimistic outlook.

Caroline, who is 8, overcame Leukemia after being diagnosed with the disease as a 3-year-old. Her painting of a pineapple wearing sunglasses reminds her of her family’s trips to Hawaii.

Caroline Duncan, 8, is active in the After the Cancer Experience, and helps other children dealing with cancer.

Caroline and Christopher are but two of the artists you’ll get to know at Healing Works, and the knowledge that their art therapy helped them heal mentally and physically will put a smile on your face.

Art therapy is a great way for a childhood cancer patient to restore his or her sense of well-being.

What: Healing Works: Children’s Cancer Fund Patient Art Exhibit at NorthPark Center
Where: Level One between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom
Details: The exhibit is open now through April 29. For further information about Children’s Cancer Fund and to find out how you can donate and help, call 972-664-1450.