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HGTV’s Newest Star is a Redheaded Dallas Dynamo Who Doesn’t Make Everything Look Easy — Jenn Todryk Keeps It Real

Everything You Need to Know About No Demo Reno and the Texas Mom, Renovator and Instagram Sensation at the Center of It

BY // 04.19.21

HGTV has scooped up another Texas designer with plans to make her a star. The network recently began airing 10 one-hour episodes of No Demo Reno, featuring a Dallas-based designer with real social media credibility. Already an Instagram sensation, Jenn Todryk now has her own TV show.

It was while Todryk was in the throes of stay-at-home-mommying, that she started a witty little blog about her exploits. She has three kids, a picture friendly lifestyle and a down-to-earth personality. She tends to tell it like it is. Todryk built quite a following for her @TheRamblingRedhead account after launching it in 2015. She now has nearly 800,000 followers — a number that is sure to grow with her new HGTV show.

Todryk is also a published author. Her comical and oh-so-relatable post — the Top 6 Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior —went viral and was expanded into a book. Whine: 50 Perfect Wines to Pair with Your Child’s Rotten Behavior was published in 2017 ― because why stop at six wines.

The Rambling Redhead is making her mark on the small screen.

In the book, Todryk, feels parents’ pain and seeks to soothe the chaos with the perfect wine pairings.

“Did your daughter just get out of bed for the twelfth time to ask for a glass of water?” she writes. “We’ve got the perfect rosé for your sanity. Did your son just have a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store? We’ve got a Pinot for your pain. Has your child’s math homework left you in a state of total depression? Try a Syrah to get you out of that funk.”

During 2020’s pandemic year, wine sales soared, suggesting a lot of parents took her advice to heart. But Todryk has expanded her reach.

What began as a blog primarily about mommyhood, and a splash of wine, soon turned its attention to home renovation, Todryk’s other passion. That ultimately got the notice of HGTV. They shot a pilot episode last September, that went so well, the network fast tracked the series called No Demo Reno.

But it all started with Todryk’s Instagram posts.

The first episode of No Demo Reno premiered March 25. Like so many others who are just catching on to this rambling redhead, I stumbled across it one Saturday while sipping my morning coffee, and was instantly hooked.

On one of the HGTV shoots, the entire film crew surprised Todryk by donning red wigs and spoofing her uniform of choice, which consists of yoga pants and a flannel shirt tied around her waist. That’s her appeal. She’s relatable, and her No Demo Reno show is too.

Don’t expect big-budget, mega-rehauls hinging on the big reveal. Todryk’s projects are more manageable, budget friendly renovations, which lead to equally impressive transformations.  She enjoys getting to teach people how to love the home they are in. The show limits tearing down walls and focuses on real people and real budgets, to remake homes with fresh paint, tiles and even clever furniture arrangements instead of massive construction projects.

Jenn Todryk creates major changes on a budget.

And there’s always something brewing in Todryk’s own busy household. As if juggling a design career, motherhood and burgeoning television stardom is not enough, she and her husband Mike took over the Village Coffee in Allen in 2019. The couple renovated the already established business, and renamed it Armor Coffee Co. Their Armor specializes in roasting beans and serving up true craft coffee.

Born and raised in Burleson, and now residing in North Dallas, HGTV’s newest star is a lot like us. She washes down the realities of parenthood with a little vino, and fixes up her home a little bit at a time. Ramble on Jenn Todryk.

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