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The Most Instagrammed Forests in the World — Stunning Nature Retreats Worth Planning a Bucket Trip Around

From Germany's Black Forest to Japan's Bamboo Forests

BY // 01.17.20

In an esoteric survey of popularity, we report that billionaire Kendall Jenner enjoys 7.8 million hashtag posts on Instagram (and 121 million followers) while Portuguese professional soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo boasts 6.5 million (and 198 million followers), coming in slightly ahead of Lady Gaga, who claims 6.2 million hashtag posts. Sweet.

But what if we looked at the things in nature that garner the most posts. Take, for example, the world’s most Instagrammed forests. has done just that. The worldwide online booking site for airport transfers has tallied the number of hashtag posts for each of the leading forests around the world and suggests that viewers use it as a guide for bucket list travel plans. While you can do your own search of these hashtag-loved forests, Taxi2airport has compiled stunning images of the leading forests through the stock photo agency

The forest receiving the most hashtag references is Germany’s Black Forest with close to 1.5 million posts. Clearly, Mother Nature is not nearly as popular as Jenner, Ronaldo or Gaga. But this survey presents an interesting travel review.

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest comes in second with close to 200,000 posts, which is a significant drop even with its 16,000 species of trees, 390 billion trees in all (not counting those lost in the recent fires) and intriguing wildlife. The third most photogenic forest, according to Instagram users, is Britain’ Sherwood Forest with 142,000 hashtag posts.

If you are letting Instagram serve as your travel guide, we offer the remaining Top 20 of the Most Instgram-Loved Forests in order of their popularity: the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest/Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan, Malaysia’s Mossy Forest, Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, China’s Jiuzhaigouy Valley, California’s Sequoia Forest, Poland’s Bialowieza Forest, Washington State’s Olympic National Forest, Colombia’s Cocora Valley, Canada’s Boreal Forest, California’s Redwood National Park, Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest, Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest, Alaska’s Tongass Forest, France’s Cevennes National Park, Romania’s Hoia-Baciu Forest, Poland’s Crooked Forest and Belgium’s Hallerbros Forest.

Scroll through the gallery of stunning forests below:

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