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Another Solar Eclipse is Coming (and You Don’t Have to Wait 100 Years)

Stunning Truths, Photos and Hangovers From the Great American Eclipse

BY // 08.22.17
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If you are a resident of planet earth, you probably heard about the long-awaited solar eclipse that caused millions to stop and look up to the sky (hopefully with glasses on). Texans were treated to lunch and a show as the moon passed over the sun with 75 percent coverage in Dallas and about 67 percent coverage in Houston.

Don’t feel too bad if you missed the celestial show – even if it was hyped as a once in a lifetime happening. There actually will be another solar eclipse that passes directly over Texas in April 2024. In fact, Dallas will be one of the cities in the path of totality for the upcoming eclipse.

The next eclipse, expected to occur on April 8, 2024 is expected to be visible on a diagonal path, running from Texas to Maine, according to NASA. The best spots to view it are expected to be in Mexico, the central United States and east Canada.

But until then, you’ll have to relive the eclipse-mania of 2017 in our photo gallery. We’ve gathered some of the most stunning solar images for your viewing pleasure – no protective eyewear needed.

From across the United States and in Texans’ backyards, here are our favorite Instagram snaps from the solar eclipse.


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The Great American Eclipse as seen from Oregon. Millions of people gathered to the narrow path of totality to witness one of the most epic astronomical phenomenons of the century. Smoke filled the valley over Detroit Lake. Mt. Jefferson towered in the distance but was blocked by the smoke from wildfires. As the eclipse came into totality, the air became colder, and the smoke dropped a little, revealing the mountain for the 2 minutes of totality. The sky gave a twilight mood as the landscape darkened by the shadow of the moon. Colors began to pop as if it was just another sunset or sunrise. Planets and stars were visible along with the midday sun. Our original spot along the coast was fogged in, so we booked it to a spot we originally wanted to experience the event. Took a power nap and got ready for the show. This was the most incredible experience of mine, and possibly many others lifetime. I'm glad I got to experience this with Darian Westbrook. A moment we will never forget <3 Hope you guys enjoy the image 🙂 . . . #landscape #artofvisuals #visualsoflife #beautifuldestinations #thelensbible #discoverlandscape #earthpix #earthfocus #exploretocreate #travelstoke #fantastic_earth #bevisuallyinspired #modernoutdoorsman #nakedplanet #ourplanetdaily #agameoftones #stayandwander #wildernessculture #welltravelled #collectivelycreate #welivetoexplore #roamtheplanet #theglobewanderer #thegreatoutdoors #eclectic_shotz #moodygrams #oregon #eclipse #totality

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