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One Lagree Founder Jenn Eitches on the Benefits of Dallas Entrepreneurship and Focusing on One Location

The Popular Oak Lawn Studio Keeps Things Personable

BY // 08.25.21


MISSION: The female-founded Oak Lawn studio helped popularize the challenging Lagree Method in Dallas.

What inspired you to make your vision a reality.
Jenn Eitches: When I moved to Dallas, I barely knew anyone and wanted to create a space that allowed me to meet fellow fitness lovers. I was inspired to create an environment where clients felt at home and in a safe environment.

Your proudest accomplishment as an entrepreneur.
JE: I imagine most people would mention surviving 2020, but to me, that goes without saying. My proudest accomplishment is getting my business off the ground and profitable within the first year of operation. This is the first business I have ever started, and its success is my proudest accomplishment.

What makes you excited to lead your business right now.
JE: I’m a firm believer in leading by example. I have always empowered my team to strive to become the best instructors and work as a team to succeed. I never feel the need to put on a “boss hat,” because I trust my team to make the right decisions.

How living in Dallas has helped grow your business and as a leader.
JE: I love that Dallas is a big city but also has a small-town feel, with all of its different neighborhoods. I’ve actively made the choice not to grow my business in other markets so I can focus on making our sole location the best studio possible. I have created a space that gives clients a personalized relationship that’s difficult to maintain with growth. I am always available for both my clients and instructors and have developed friendships outside of the studio.

Dallas-based One Lagree boutique fitness dallas gyms reopening
Dallas-based One Lagree

Your typical day.
JE: I wake up around 6 am and start my day with a triple espresso over ice and add a little whip! I love having a family breakfast before we all start our day. If I’m not going straight to the studio, I try to go on a long three-to-five-mile walk to clear my head. I usually make my playlist for class and create routines to teach. During the week, I try to meet up with friends for lunch; it’s my time to relax and catch up. I’m back at home by 5 pm for an early family dinner with the kids. I love eating early so I can get to bed early and watch my favorite shows with my husband.

Local charities you’re involved with.
JE: Throughout the years, I’ve worked with several charities and donated to multiple causes that are near and dear to my heart. Children’s Cancer Fund, Animal Humane Society, and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, to name a few.

Your go-to Dallas restaurant.
JE: Drake’s and Namo — all day. I’m their biggest fan!

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