The Defined Dish’s Simple, Healthy Recipes May Be More Popular Than Ever

Dallas’ Favorite Cooking Blogger Works to Create Structure And Fight Anxiety in Quarantine

BY // 04.16.20

Are you cooking a lot more right now? You’re probably cooking a lot more right now. And perhaps, since we’re all cooking a lot more right now, you may have grown tired of making eggs or canned soup (I’m projecting), so you’ve turned to the pros. The Barefoot Contessas, the Martha Stewarts, or Dallas’ own Alex Snodgrass, aka The Defined Dish.

Snodgrass may not be within Ina Garten fame territory just yet, but she does have some illustrious followers, including Katie Couric, Erin Foster, and Brené Brown (who actually penned a quote for Snodgrass’ first cookbook). And with more eyes than ever looking for inspiration on her blog and Instagram (she reported a 30 to 40 percent increase in engagement on the latter), her influence will likely only broaden as shelter-at-home season rages on.

As we all grapple with normalizing a new morning routine, we thought we’d turn to the local entrepreneurs, including Snodgrass, to see how they kick start a structured day at home.

“Some days, it’s like we have our little routine and all is well. But then the next I am just overwhelmed with the weight of everything happening and the world and scared for our future,” Snodgrass says. “I think it’s important to remind people that we are in uncharted anxiety territory, and if they, too, are feeling this way, it’s OK.”

Morning can be the toughest for a lot of people right now. What are some things that help motivate you to get out of bed?
My kids and coffee! When school is in session, mornings are usually a rush to get out the door. I am trying to cherish these slow paced mornings and remember that this won’t last forever. I love sipping coffee and making breakfast while the kids watch cartoons and before we start homeschooling.

Do you have any little habits or routines in place to keep things structured as you start your day?
My day is filled with homeschool and house chores for the most part right now. Oh, and cooking. Any chance of free time that I get I dig into work and try to catch up the best I can. It’s a hot mess.


What have you been making for breakfast?
Lots of toast, yogurt parfaits, or if I have eggs in the fridge I will make some eggs with some frozen sausages out of the freezer!  I used to think that I cooked a lot. But, wow, now it’s at a whole new level.

You have two young girls. Do you have to get up earlier to get work done before they wake up? 
Normally, yes. Lately I have been sleeping in until they wake up around 7 a.m. I keep telling myself I am going to wake up before them to get some work done, but it just never happens.



I know you’ve been on a book tour recently. Are you planning any virtual events?
Fortunately, my very last stop on my official tour was right before everything with the Coronavirus in the U.S. happened. I have been doing some virtual cooking events and activities on IG Live with brands I love, some of my other blogger friends, or just by myself!

With so many people cooking at home right now, have you noticed an increase in book sales or Instagram engagement?
Since my book had been out for three months, the sales were naturally starting to drop. Over the last two weeks they have started to rise a little. As far as Instagram goes, yes. My engagement is way up. I hate to even say that because it sounds weird to say this aloud in such an uncertain, hard time. But when everyone is home and consuming more on social media — plus, when people that don’t normally cook at home are cooking — they can turn to bloggers like myself for inspiration.



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On the blog today— the roundup of the top 10 recipes that you guys are cooking the most during quarantine. Great picks, y’all! Easy, flavorful, and easily adaptable dinners that you can enjoy at home safe. # Hamburger Helper Beef Stroganoff Crunchy Baked Turkey Tacos Sheet Pan Chicken Picatta Chang’s spicy Chicken Yummy pasta Juicy indoor burgers One pot Cajun Chicken pasta Hamburger helper Sloppy janes Crockpot Chicken Tikka Masala # Tap the link in my bio for the roundup on the blog and links to all the recipes! If your favorite defined dish recipe didn’t make the cut that you’ve been making, let me know in the comments below. # Also, if you’re making these recipes and love them I have an ask from you— please comment on the blog post and let others know ❤️

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How are you dealing with quarantine?
I struggle with anxiety and this is definitely putting my anxiety to the test. I keep reminding myself that so many people in this world right now are feeling the same way, and that I am not alone. I also remind myself how grateful I am for food in my pantry and a roof over my head.

This will pass eventually. And until then we can just take it day-by-day, week-by-week, and do everything we can in our own power to take care of ourselves and our families. I really have to set goals to get outside for walks and exercise (since we live in a apartment), I really have to remind myself to drink more water and less booze, and I really have to take the downtime at the end of the day to soak in a hot bath and breathe.

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