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Trying TruFusion’s Toughest Workout Class — How Does JLo and Alex Rodriguez’s Favorite Gym Measure Up?

Extreme Heat, Weights and Cardio Make Barefoot Bootcamp a Daunting Challenge

BY // 02.07.20

I‘d heard about TruFusion opening in Dallas. I even wrote a preview about it, describing its five studios under one roof and 65 different class style offerings. But I had yet to try the Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez lauded mega fitness studio that recently opened its first Dallas location.

Well, that has changed and I have the debilitating soreness to prove it.

First off, if you’re a TruFusion newbie as I was, I’d suggest not trying the Barefoot Bootcamp class on your very first visit. Or, if you like a heated, sweaty, fast-paced, heart-pounding challenge that you’ll never truly be ready for, I’d say go for it. A day later, I am having mixed feelings.

At the end of an hour-long class I had mouthed “Never again” to my friends who did the class with me (all for the first time), but I am also happy with what I accomplished. It’s a confusing feeling.

Going in, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew from the title was that it was shoeless, and I had read under the description that it was “Hot” with a little fiery symbol beside it. OK. I’d done CorePower’s heated Yoga Sculpt class like three times, so certainly I could manage this. Right?

Heated to a toasty 95-plus degrees with extra humidity, I entered the room and set up my space. For Barefoot Bootcamp, this includes a yoga mat, towel, two dumbbells, two kettlebells of different weights and a resistance band. The instructor introduced himself to me and asked if I was a first-timer to the class.

I said it was my first time at TruFusion in general. “And you chose this as your first class?” he responded, surprised. “Uhhh, it wasn’t my choice, it was my friend’s!” I snapped back panicky. But, then it was time to get started.

Mega-gym TruFusion is now open at Caruth Plaza.

The class started easy with classic yoga poses like Child’s Pose and Downward Dog. Necessary stretches before what we were about to do with our bodies. Soon the lights turned red and music was blasting. I blacked out for the rest of it.

Not really, but it did feel like an exhausting blur as we went from lunges and squats to jumps and hammer curls to jumping jacks to high knees and so on. I was surprised with what I managed to do, but also had to modify some things. Kettlebells are not the easiest things to move around with your arms while your lower body is also moving, at least I have not mastered the practice, so I subbed in dumbbells (as did a few others in the class).

And there really aren’t any breaks throughout, at least none more than 10 seconds. So if your eyes are burning from sweat streaming into them as mine were midway through, you better grab that towel quick. It’s also strongly advised to have water by your side, especially when heat rises about 100 degrees.

By the time the music switched from high energy hip-hop to some Zen tune and we were on the floor stretching, I felt like I gave all I could. It’s a nice feeling at the end of a stressful or high-anxiety day to feel like you can literally do nothing else with your body or mind. I got up from my mat, legs shaky and dripping in sweat, only to have to go put all my equipment back up in the storage room. But, I did leave feeling better than when I walked in.

Although I’d probably go back and do one of the yoga, spin, or HIIT classes before giving Barefoot Bootcamp another go, I would do it again. Maybe?

I don’t know. It seems better suited for A-Rod and JLo.

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