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Uptown Dallas Springs Into a Brighter 2021 With Marquee Events Returning and New Places to Explore

Getting to Enjoy the Heart of Dallas

BY // 03.17.21

It’s been a year for the record books in more ways than one. The COVID-19 put its grip on the world and we can’t forget the winter snow armageddon and the resulting power outages that caused much of Texas to come to a standstill. It’s safe to say that everyone is oh so ready for calmer, less stressful times. Who doesn’t want to see the flowers bloom?

Spring is upon us and Uptown Dallas Inc. is going all out to make things special. It’s time to Enjoy & Explore.

Uptown Dallas is a magnet for people who demand the best in their living spaces, and businesses who want their brands in front of a sophisticated and adventurous clientele. It’s walkable — try a 93 walkability score, the highest in Dallas.  In many ways, it’s the heart of Dallas. It’s the place to live, work, play and explore.

Uptown Dallas Inc. is the public improvement driver for the area, and its staff is the force behind the beautification and maintenance of the one-mile-square development. Whether it’s planting trees and flowers, illuminating sidewalks, or installing captivating and fun art, it’s all about making Uptown Dallas an even more special place.

If you took part in Uptown Dallas Inc’s Thank You Postcard campaign, you know that the public improvement district is always coming up with thoughtful ways to make an impact. The postcards became the perfect way to show gratitude in a socially distanced way.

Uptown Dallas Inc
Uptown Dallas Inc.’s Thank You Postcard Campaign was the perfect way to express gratitude to healthcare and other essential workers.

Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated and COVID numbers are dropping, Uptown Dallas Inc. is bringing more in-person events back (wearing a mask is encouraged). It’s time to Enjoy & Explore.

River Oaks District

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One way to know everything that’s coming? Make sure you follow Uptown Dallas Inc. on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. That’s the best way to stay in the know about the daily happenings in Uptown. There is always something exciting going on, from yoga classes to art exhibits and everything in-between.

One crucial goal of the new Enjoy & Explore campaign is providing residents and visitors with fun ways of supporting Uptown Dallas restaurants and stores. The district boasts more than 200 eateries and 160-plus retailers — and COVID-19 presented them all with obstacles and hardship.

There’s no time like the present to dine and shop at your favorite places. Make a lunch or dinner date, and arrive early to browse the latest in fashion, home furnishings or gifts before sharing a table with friends and loved ones.

So many great places to live, work, and play … Uptown Dallas has it all.

It’s a given that those in the know seek out Uptown Dallas for all it has to offer, and new businesses are opening every day. The list of recent arrivals and soon-to-open spots include Anju, White Rhino Coffee, The Plant Project, Spenga, and Good Graces in the Marriott Uptown. You can be among the first to experience these new spots.

And there’s more, much more. Be sure to visit artist Will Heron‘s mural Spring Forward, a bold and whimsical piece that looks with expectation and excitement to a less-stressful future. (Heron’s Art Wall work can be found currently at Griggs Park)

“Spring Forward” will have you excited about the future. Be sure to see it in Uptown Dallas.

“This piece is about not being stuck by the prickly 2020 (and early 2021) months, but looking forward to new growth in the springtime and feeling lucky during St. Patty’s month,” Heron says.

“Our goal is to present a new mural each month that engages the community,” says Anita Simmons, director of marketing and communications for Uptown Dallas Inc. “We have a talented and diverse lineup of artists whose works will be displayed throughout the year and we are thrilled to introduce them to the Uptown neighborhood.”

Coming in April? A mural from Desireé Vaniecia.

When planning your visit to Uptown, don’t forget to take a ride on the McKinney Avenue Trolley. It just might be the best way to see all of the sights. Plus, it’s completely free, and the views are priceless. Riding the trolley is just part of an Uptown Dallas day.

Climb on the trolley and get a first-class ride around Uptown Dallas.

Exploring is all about enjoying. And now that everyone is starting to get out more, Uptown Dallas, Inc. is upping its own game. It’s shaping up as a special 2021. The beloved Uptown Block Party, and the Trolley Taste of Uptown are just two of the major events coming back. Pop-ups featuring delicious food and drink, and soon-to-be announced events are also coming. The fun never ends in Uptown Dallas.

There is little doubt this is one of the best places in all of Texas to Enjoy & Explore.

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