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How Uptown Dallas Inc. Works to Keep One of the City’s Beloved Neighborhoods Safe

Meet The UDI Security Team

BY // 02.05.24

Uptown Dallas is at the epicenter of where Dallasites have converged for decades and generations go to live, work, play, shop, and eat. With its ideal location and storied past, it’s an enclave in the city that’s home to some of Dallas’ most beloved restaurants, hotels, parks, apartments, and trails. And, at the heart of it all, is one group that may be behind the scenes, but keeps the nearly .592 square miles and 17,000 residents safe — Uptown Dallas Inc.’s Security Team. The Public Improvement District (PID) is funded by special assessments paid for and voted on by property owners and in 1993, Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) was established, creating Dallas’ first live-work-play community. These assessment dollars have paid for the management and enhancement of public safety and security; the design and construction of public infrastructure improvements; the maintenance of common areas, lighting, pedestrian amenities and linkages that make Uptown one of the most desirable places in all of Dallas.

Between the Uptown Dallas Inc. (UDI) Security Team (a private security venture) and off-duty police, as well as their partnership with the Dallas Police Department (DPD), the organization manages a broad scope of public safety initiatives. The primary goal of UDI’s Security Team is to ensure the safety and well-being of the community, fostering a sense of security and trust among residents and businesses in Uptown. Residents and visitors can feel reassured by the visible presence of the security team, who are approachable and ready to assist with any concerns or inquiries.

The UDI Security Team is led by Chuck DelTufo, Director of Public Safety and Operations. DelTufo manages and coordinates the full team, as well as the neighborhood’s off-duty DPD officers. Being responsive to the community’s needs is a priority for the UDI security team. The team actively listens to the community’s concerns and adapts its security strategies to address evolving challenges, ensuring a tailored and effective approach. 

UDI Security Team2
The UDI security team actively listens to the community’s concerns and adapts its security strategies to address evolving challenges, ensuring a tailored and effective approach.

As a part of this strategy, DelTufo is available to attend HOA, office, or resident meetings to offer safety tips, which is a valuable benefit for Uptown residents and businesses (reach out at or 214-215-7050).

Uptown is known for its nightlife, which means its security team needs to stay up late, too. Night owls are a must! The UDI Security Team has extended hours of operation and operates from 11 am to 3 am, seven days a week, ensuring comprehensive security coverage for the community during both day and night.

The team specializes in non-weapon crimes, and excels in handling issues such as loitering, homeless situations, and non-violent crimes. They are dedicated to creating a positive and secure community environment by addressing specific issues with empathy and professionalism. They’re also passionate about proactive crime prevention and employ preventative measures before crimes occur, utilizing their expertise and collaboration with law enforcement to maintain a safe environment.

Actively collaborating with other security teams in Uptown, the UDI team fosters a unified and coordinated effort to address public safety concerns in the area, as well as with Dallas Police Officers who patrol Uptown, ensuring a seamless exchange of information and support to enhance overall public safety.

The UDI Security Team runs a Non-Emergency Tip Line

Plus, UDI provides the Uptown Non-Emergency Tip Line (214-214-UPTN or 214-214-8786) where residents and community members can report concerns, and suspicious activities, or seek assistance from the security team.

Regardless of why you find yourself in Uptown, whether it’s for work or leisure, you can feel confident knowing the UDI Security Team is working around the clock to keep you safe in the neighborhood.