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Zebras, Camels and Kangaroos in the Snow — Super Lawyer’s East Texas Ranch Becomes a Near Biblical Scene

Tony Buzbee and Frances Moody's Rescue Animals Haven Adapts to Extreme Conditions

BY // 02.17.21

The photos on Houston trial lawyer Tony Buzbee’s Instagram feed of his East Texas ranch are remarkable. Rescue Zebras in the snow, camels trekking through snowy drifts and two kangaroos finding comfort indoors in warm doggie beds.

Even before there was threat of the Texas deep freeze, the colorful attorney and his fiancée Frances Moody, a dedicated animal activist and vegetarian, were making plans for sheltering their growing collection of rescue animals at their ranch near the Louisiana border north of Tyler. Of course, they were thinking hurricanes and heat, maybe a little snow in this locale at Atlanta, Texas.

And then the mercury dropped to minus 3 degrees. And the snow fell 16 inches as of midday Wednesday.

With foresight at play, the Antioch Ranch foremen Jared Springer and Mauriano Moreno packed the 12 animal shelters with dry hay, alfalfa, corn and feed and looked after the animals spread across the 7,000-acre spread.

“I want to make sure that Jared and Mauriano get the credit because they have gone above and beyond to make sure our animals are given the best chance of surviving,” Moody emails.

“Countless hours prior to the storm preparing, buying extra feed, securing shelters, talking to experts who’ve lost their animals and not making the same mistakes,” Moody continues. “Busting water three times a day. Making beds in the woods because some of the animals won’t use sheds. Pouring extra feed out all over on top of beds of hay so the animals can find it. . .

“Main thing is extra feed, dry bedding and water supplied three times a day.”

Antioch Ranch
Part of the well-cared-for menagerie at Tony Buzbee’s Antioch Ranch in East Texas where winter storm Uri has dumped 16 inches of snow. (Photo courtesy of Antioch Ranch)

The ranch hosts 17 species, most of them rescued, including two alligators rescued from a farmer who was going to shoot them; donkeys and goats rescued from Habitat for Horses; three cats rescued from the streets of Houston; rescued cattle; pigs; and more.

“Another thing to note,” Moody emails, “is that if we take an animal in, we make sure that we do all of our research first and make sure that we are able to provide the best possible home for them.”

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