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The 411 on Winter Skin with Gervaise Gerstner, M.D.

BY // 01.22.15

Once the glow of the holidays fades, many of us find ourselves left with the aftereffects of indoor heating, too much alcohol and extreme weather conditions. “Winter skin” is primarily caused by dehydration and can easily add 10 years to your face. Skiing and winter sports can also leave you high and dry.

I don’t believe in facials as the steaming breaks capillaries- and the extractions can causes scarring or larger pores.

New York dermatologist and skincare expert Gervaise Gerstner graduated cum laude from Princeton University, serves as a global ambassador for Loreal-Paris and has regularly been featured in print media including Allure, Bazaar, Glamour, Self and W magazines. But most importantly, she has just married a prominent Houstonian and will now be splitting her time between New York and Houston. So, who better to give us the 411 on how to sidestep the issue. Here are some suggestions from the good doctor:

1) TREATMENTS: Says Gerstner, “Switch to a creamy cleanser, avoid excessive washing of the skin and add a layering agent like an extra serum or moisturizer. Use the three-minute rule (dry off the skin within three minutes of bathing). And avoid long hot showers. Start adding moisturizers or protection once temperatures drop. Also wear a scarf or face mask if needed.”

2) PRODUCTS: “Sunscreen (even/especially in winter)! Some of my favorite products year-round are: Skin Medica TNS Serum, Natura Bisse Sheer Cure Day Cream, Loreal Youth Code Beauty Balm, Loreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal Oil … Also, I don’t believe in facials, as the steaming breaks capillaries —and the extractions can causes scarring or larger pores — but I like patients to use 20 percent glycolic pads year-round to give skin a glow. This can remove the dry dead skin so that your winter moisturizers can absorb better and quicker. I sell my own GG Dermatology Glycolic Pads.”

3) PROCEDURES: “Microdermabrasion is great way to polish winter skin. For at-home, add a little Aquaphor healing ointment to your normal routine to alleviate Xerosis (a fancy word for cracked or chapped skin).”

And Gerstner’s secret all-weather weapon? The Coolsculpt fat-freezing laser. She says, “It helps jump-start that holiday detox. It doesn’t make you lose weight but can take inches off waist. For general texture, the Clear and Brilliant laser is my favorite. It is a quick, cheap way to address fine lines, pores, and brown spots.”

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