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CBD Massages are Part of New Dallas Luxury Sports Medicine Center

Husband and Wife Chiropractors Embrace New Healing Methods — and New Tech

BY // 04.30.19
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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the new big thing to help alleviate pain, anxiety and depression. There are oils, capsules, gummies and even hemp flowers you can roll up and smoke like a real joint. There have been numerous (sometimes conflicting) studies about if this THC-free version of cannabis can really make a difference.

The doctors at Dynamic Sports Medicine, a new luxury sports medicine studio at 13617 Inwood Road, believe it can. They offer CBD-infused massages, as well as sound wave therapy at their newest Dallas location.

Husband and wife doctor duo, Dr. Brian and Jinna Mann, are both chiropractors who decided to bridge the gap between holistic and medical practices in Dallas. Brian and his best friend, Matt Lowe, a former swimmer at The University of Texas at Austin, first thought of the business idea as a solution to the disconnect between chiropractic and mainstream medicine.

The team wanted to bring innovative technology and practices to regular people, as well as professional athletes. Dynamic Sports Medicine offers cupping, dry needling, soft tissue therapies and adjustments. Some of the newest, advanced technologies that they have include Myoacoustic compression therapy (sound waves) and pulsed energy technology.

I had the opportunity to try both. First, Dr. Jinna Mann evaluated the areas of my body I felt needed the most recovery. I play a lot of tennis, so my shoulders and lower back were my priorities. Dr. Jinna suggested I try sound wave therapy on my shoulders and the pulsed energy on my back.

The sound wave machine makes a somewhat frightening buzzing noise, but earplugs are available if you really don’t like it. I was warned that the therapy creates a dull pain, but that just means it’s working. I sat down with “Lucifer,” who was nicknamed by a client for the pain he creates, and we got started.

A cold gel is used, like with ultrasounds, and then acoustic waves are used to target tissue at varying depths to compress and manipulate tissue- like a deep tissue massage, but deeper. The currents got going and I probably said “ow” several times. It did hurt a bit, but in a way that makes you feel so much better afterwards.

I then jumped into the pulsed energy technology reclining chair and had a tubey thing put behind my back. There’s probably a proper word for that, but oh well. When turned on, it felt almost like someone was punching me in the back. But again, felt so much better afterwards. Insert grinning emoji here. The machine basically battery charges the cells and I definitely felt energized afterwards.

Lastly, I tried out CBD-infused water and a CBD topical cream. I can say that I did feel more relaxed after all of this. According to Dr. Jinna, CBD activates what other topicals do not. It works with CBD receptors in the brain and connective tissue to ease pain and anxiety. They also offer coffee with CBD and Theanine, which counteracts the jitteriness you usually get with caffeine.

The process at Dynamic Sports includes three phases: discovery, recovery and performance. The business has helped professional athletes, such as golfers, ex NFL players and MMA fighters. They’ve created a space that regular exercise enthusiasts and those with injuries can come recover, network, and learn about the new kinds of potential healing technologies.

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