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Meet Clinic Concierge — Innovative Health Care at Your Fingertips

The Convenient, House-Call Service Is Available Throughout Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston

BY // 03.10.23

When it comes to health care, Texans want quick, efficient, and convenient options. Not long wait times or endless time spent on hold trying to secure an appointment. No surprise insurance bills. If you’re searching for a new health care option, look no further than Clinic Concierge, the health concept sweeping households — and mentioned in nearly every group chat when someone needs a wellness recommendation stat.

Clinic Concierge is a health care, house-call service within the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Prosper, and Frisco communities. The company offers a customized, at-home care experience with its team of highly trained advanced practice providers. Sound like a dream? It is.

With everything from sick visits (for both adults and children) to IV hydration to Botox and vitamin injections, they’re a one-stop shop for all your wellness needs. The company can test and diagnose a wide range of illnesses, including the common cold, Strep, Flu, ear infections, sinus infections, food poisoning, COVID-19 (both rapid and PCR tests), and digestive problems all from the comfort of your living room. They also offer specialized services such as suture/staple/glue wound care for those intramural games that get out of hand and advanced ear cleaning and lavage. If you need it, Clinic Concierge can do it.

Clinic Concierge2
Clinic Concierge co-founders Lauren Payne, FNP and Shayla Dunlap, FNP.

Co-founded by Lauren Payne, FNP and Shayla Dunlap, FNP, the two North Texans saw a gap in the market for reliable health care completely customized to the client’s needs and schedule. Payne’s and Dunlap’s staff can treat clients on-site at homes, offices, hotels, and more. Talk about convenience. For those who prefer, Telehealth is also an additional option with Clinic Concierge.

Because of this unique model, the possibilities and time savings (think not having to drive to a physician’s office and wait in a waiting room full of coughing patients) are endless. Plus, with a focus on both “beauty and the basics” – cosmetic injections and basic health care – Payne and Dunlap can reach a wide base of clients across the Metroplex.

And, unlike other groups that charge monthly or yearly fees, Clinic Concierge offers the same availability and accessibility without a membership subscription. Its services are a la carte style and clients can simply pick and pay for the specific service they need, without absorbing large membership fees or exorbitant, unexpected office visit fees coming later down the line. Clients quickly and easily schedule an appointment, conducive and convenient to their schedule, on Clinic Concierge’s website. It’s a whole new way of approaching health care.

Clinic Concierge1
With each appointment, a highly trained provider arrives at the client’s home on time and is extremely skilled in their profession.

The health service’s appeal isn’t just the accessibility and breadth of its options, but the quality of care clients receive as well. With each appointment, a highly trained provider arrives at the client’s home on time and is extremely skilled in their profession. The company has dozens of providers on staff, from Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Physicians Assistants and more. You can feel confident when you book that you, or your loved ones, are in some of the best medical hands in the city.

Right now, Clinic Concierge is seeing a big focus on health and wellness, as well as weight loss goals, across its clients — especially as we head into spring and summer. The company focuses on helping its clients succeed beyond just medication and ensuring they have what they need for a truly healthy lifestyle.

“We truly love what we do,” says Dunlap. “We’re thankful to our clients across the state who let us serve them every day.”