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Dallas Bridesmaids 101 — How to Throw a Perfectly Unique Bridal Shower in the City

BY // 08.12.18

Bridesmaids hold much more than bouquets these days.

They hold the responsibility of hosting, celebrating and making the bride-to-be feel special, all leading up to the big day. One of those responsibilities includes hosting a bridal shower. Most everyone attending the shower will have been to a bridal shower before.

Cake, punch, silly games and opening gifts. It’s all fun and traditional, but in the spirit of spicing things up, we’ve created a list of add-ons and alternatives to the everyday bridal shower. These are Dallas’ most unique bridal showers.

Tea in the French Room at the Adolphus Hotel

It’s time for tea! With the newly remodeled French Room at the Adolphus, the salon can be rented out for tea parties. For the bride who loves elegance and tradition, this is a grown up version of dressing up and playing tea party. From tea sandwiches to delicious little cakes, the Adolphus will take care of all the decadent delights.

They can even set up a champagne bar to strike up the celebrations. This downtown bridal shower will make guests feel special and treated to an afternoon of luxury and nostalgia.

Le Bilboquet Bubbles and Brunch

Along the theme of French fare, Le Bilboquet is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots for bridal showers. Visit the spot on a Saturday afternoon and you’re sure to see balloons, flowers and a gaggle of gals celebrating upcoming nuptials. Whether it’s a small gathering, or a larger event, the restaurant can accommodate all group sizes.


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The patio may even be rented out to fit a larger collection of bridesmaids and friends, and offers a more intimate setting. Located in the Knox/Henderson neighborhood, this spot is reminiscent of genuine sidewalk bistros in France.

Picture an escape to a picture-perfect European scene sans the passport requirement.

Le Bilboquet and Up on Knox are getting another sister restaurant.

Bronzed Bridal Beauties

Although food and sips are often staples of bridal showers, we’ve added in an activity that will leave all the guests feeling sun kissed and glowing. No sand or beach required.

The newest addition to the Shops of Highland Park is Hush Hush Tan. The sunless tanning brand, which began in Austin, recently expanded to Dallas, and offers healthy and safe methods of achieving that special skin glow.

The all-natural solution and airbrush technique will provide an out-of-the-box activity to enjoy at the new salon. This would serve as a fun pit-stop before opening gifts at a nearby restaurant, or even the host’s home.

Spa Party

Along the lines of pampering and relaxation, many bridal showers are taking place at spas. Vitalize Medical Spa will pull out all the stops for their brides and gal gang. Bringing in champagne and a catered lunch, the entire space can be rented out.

Services can be customized to each individual based on her skincare needs or services desired. From facials to Botox, the sky is the limit for this beautified bridal shower.

Custom packages can be created, and the Vitalized Medical Spa team will work with each group on catering an experience to each bride and her gals.

Fairy Glam Mother

These days, almost anything can be home-delivered, and virtually instantaneously. Well, a glam squad can be delivered to your home, or wherever the bridal shower may be taking place. One of Dallas’ most well known and sought-after makeup artists, Daniela Bell, will arrive with her traveling glam squad and doll up all the belles of the ball.

Hair, makeup, lashes: you name it. She’s got all sorts of tricks in her makeup bag, and has been known to beautify many local Big D celebs. She even brings a portable chair and makeup studio light with her to provide the full-on glam experience.

This would be an ideal addition to intersperse through out the gift opening and mimosa sipping, to give the shower that extra special, glitzy touch.

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