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Texas’ True Fur Experts — For the Care of Your Special Heirlooms and Stunning Gifts, David Hunt Furs Delivers

A Beyond Full-Service Fur Mecca

BY // 11.16.20

Some pieces in a wardrobes require care that one would term “special.” Your washing machine and dryer will never host them, and even hand-washing is verboten for these standout articles. You might be thinking “hand-knit cashmere” or “vintage Japanese denim,” and you would not be wrong. But we’re focused on fur.

We know many of you are in possession of these family heirlooms, perhaps passed down from grandmothers and aunts and grandfathers, fur coats and stoles, vests and capelets, all cherished, full of history and life. Of course, each piece is dear far beyond even the monetary value. They are connections to the past, and you want them to last forever. (And the same goes for new furs. . .  they are heirlooms in the making.)

David Hunt Furs specializes in luxurious pieces, such as this cashmere duster with raccoon belt.

David Hunt Furs knows how special these wardrobe treasures are, and the team of fur-care experts wants to be at your service. Whether you are looking for appraisals, relining, repairs, cleaning and glazing, or merely some good advice, the Fort Worth-based furrier — established in 1988 — is the name to know.

Before we proceed, let’s get to a little background, and news about a move for Fort Worth’s Furrier, plus a special sale. Since 1988, David Hunt Furs — now owned and operated by Andrew Hunt, David’s son — has conducted business at 3000 South Hulen Street (Suite 160), in Trinity Commons. Come January 2, however, the workshop and store will set up in new environs at 4516 Hartwood Drive, next to Squire Shop and directly across the street from its current Fort Worth location.

To the moving sale details: between now and Nov. 30, merchandise purchases of $250 or more will receive a 10 percent discount, and if you spend $1,000 or more you’ll save 15 percent (services excluded). Just mention “David Hunt Furs is Moving” and you’re set.

David Hunt really is the only name you need to know when it comes to your furs, because they can do anything related to the luxury articles. Here’s the rundown on some of their bespoke services:


This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to preserve your fur, and David Hunt’s onsite climate-controlled vault provides the perfect environment for your treasure — 50 degree Fahrenheit and 50 percent humidity. It’s recommended that you put your fur in storage in the early spring, and the $75 annual fee is a pittance compared to the costly damage that could occur if your coat or stole is subjected to improper storage conditions.

Cleaning and Glazing

This is another must for your fur, and it should be carried out each year. Pro tip: Have it done when you bring in your item(s) for storage.The procedures keep the fur moist and supple — preventing it from drying out — and clean the under hair of the piece (a favorite place for moths to lay larvae). Oxidation takes place more rapidly on dry fur, so don’t let that happen. It’s $75 invested well.


This is a fun and creative service. “Restyles are popular. We can turn your fur coat into practically anything you choose — a blanket, pillows, vest, resize it to fit you exactly, or even make it into something like a teddy bear as an heirloom item,” says Andrew Hunt. “You can bring in a purse, baby shoes, a jean jacket, whatever, and we can add fur to it for you.”


From time to time, whether because of wear and tear or personal preference, the silk lining of your coat, vest, or cape might require care. The David Hunt craftsmen — who were recruited from Neiman Marcus “back in the day” by Andrew’s father — can help you select the right pattern and color from a multitude of options.


Andrew Hunt and his team have years of experience under their belts, and can tell you exactly how much your fur is worth, its provenance, where it was likely made, and, if necessary, what it’s made of.


We hope you never need this service, but if you do, rest assured that the David Hunt staff will treat your fur as if it was their own. Tears, discoloring, stains? David Hunt’s experts have done it all, and guarantee their work with their reputations.

Gift Cards

Know someone who deserves a special gift? If so, make them ecstatic with a David Hunt Furs gift card in the denomination of your choice. And here are a few things we especially like:

A fur face mask is perfect for these times.

Fur Face Mask

These custom-made beauties include a removable, cleanable filter and a backing made of black fabric. Choose from materials including fox, beaver, and mink ($150).

Sheared Mink Bottle Cape and Chapeau

This whimsical and cheeky item ($95) will please anyone with a sense of humor, and it’s one of our favorite ways to dress up a bottle of bubbles, riesling, or syrah!

Fur and Champagne, a gift for the whimsical on your list.

Men’s Camo Mink Bomber

The man (or men) in your life will be the talk of the town sporting this bomber ($8,995). It boasts a zipper and drawstring at the bottom to adjust size.

A lucky man it is who wears this.

Pumpkin Taupe Double-Face Cashmere Blend Cape with Chinchilla Trim

Elegant, beautiful lines and profile, worthy of a grande dame in your life (and that just might be you!). ($9,995)

This cashmere-blend cape with chinchilla trim is stunning.

Have an inspiration for a creation you’d love see in fur? Consult with the David Hunt Furs team and bring it into existence and into your wardrobe. Have a fur that you no longer love? Trade it in for a new piece at David Hunt.

“Service is what we are known for,” Andrew Hunt says. “We are proud that many of our clients return with their grandchildren to work with us, because we know how important their furs are as investments and family heirlooms.”

To learn more about the David Hunt Furs difference, check out their full site. After all, your furs are special — and the people you trust them with should be special too.