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Not Just Another Jewelry Store, Not Just Another Present: The Special Gems and Masterpieces of de Boulle — 15 Pieces to Swoon Over

BY // 12.07.18

All that glitters isn’t just gold — at de Boulle, it’s also platinum and one-of-a-kind sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. The expert jeweler, synonymous with exquisite, meticulously handcrafted earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, boasts a bevy of beautiful designs, perfect for gifting this holiday season.

Picture nautical rope-textured bracelets with de Boulle’s signature B toggle, inspired by fond memories at sea. Modern, overlapping rings with nine bands of diamonds. The ultimate luxury of choker necklaces dripping with Conch pearls and diamonds. Shimmering, timeless High Jewelry diamond cuffs with pear-shaped, GIA-certified diamonds.

All that — and much more.

de Boulle Fine Jewelry — the 35-year-old Dallas family business steered by the British-born Denis Boulle and Karen Boulle — does not do ordinary.

Its stunning pieces are ideal for any occasion, from tantalizing touches for your everyday wear to the elegant, unforgettable statement jewels for your most extraordinary nights and red carpet occasions. But one thing never changes: the unwavering commitment to quality and style.

The woman behind the unsurpassed jeweler symbolizes the jewelry itself. She’s truly a gem.

The inimitable Karen Boulle powers the company, proper and witty to an Elizabeth Bennet degree, and as worldly and adventurous as they come. Truly the driving force behind the scintillating masterpieces that exemplify de Boulle, she is one of the most accomplished women in Dallas.

Karen Boulle spent her childhood traveling the world, exploring all kinds of exotic locales from place to place where her father was stationed.

Her exceptional inspiration — found everywhere from the company’s logo to the design of the gift boxes, ribbon and shopping bags — springs from her time spent in Borneo and Baghdad, in Malaysia, in Singapore, in Hong Kong.

“I’ve always been attracted to color,” she says. “And I think that’s from the markets I saw growing up. The Gurkha women had these amazing colored bangles. And when my father would go to Kathmandu, he would bring back beautiful little boxes with turquoise and coral.

“In Baghdad, we would go into the desert to visit the ancient cities. I think we were very lucky because some of those places have now been totally destroyed. They’re gone. It was so open then; people today will never get to experience it like we did.”

Unique colored gemstones from around the world are focal points to the Boulle collection. The colored gemstones come in a variety of price points, but de Boulle standards of craftsmanship and quality do not waiver.

Some things cannot be compromised. That’s the de Boulle way.

This also comes through in the exquisite de Boulle Collection, which offers a selection of meticulously handcrafted and beautifully designed fine jewelry in 18K gold or platinum with colored gemstones and diamonds. This unique collection consists of one-of-a-kind pieces designed and crafted with precision and art.

The new de Boulle High Jewelry collection celebrates innovative craftsmanship and timeless design – its the ultimate in luxury. The collection features ultra precious, show stopping pieces.

These are jewelry masterpieces — but they also come in a variety of price points, fitting almost any special gift giving budget.

The de Boulle Eye

Savvy and sophisticated, Karen Boulle will share her story in her silky British accent, how the colors of various cultures around the world took her breath away.

During her explorations, Karen Boulle came across Gurhka women with their phenomenal colored bangles. Kathmandu’s little boxes shined with turquoise and pops of coral. These foreign shades and hues were burned lovingly into her memory, providing the tantalizing template for today’s most unique jewelry.

Take de Boulle’s captivating turquoise drop earrings framed by Tsavorite garnets and sleek, cascading earrings culminating in dreamy cushion-cut sapphires, for example.

de boulle peek-a-boo earrings
Peek a Boo Earrings with turquoise and Trasvorite garnets, $3,200.

de Boulle’s designs can never be repeated due to the special viewpoint behind the company — and Karen Boulle delighted in desert towns and visited ancient cities that no one will ever see again. They’re lost to the sands of time but preserved in her unique pieces.

She even drew inspiration from Malaysian media’s Chinese soap operas, her drop and chandelier earrings emerged from the shows’ flair and drama.

Whichever dazzling piece you choose, the loved ones in your life are sure to be dazzled. A holiday gift means so much more when it’s a truly special gift. The pieces from de Boulle are truly special.

For much more on de Boulle’s unique designs and to start your journey to the perfect present, click here. Of course, there is nothing like the personal service and expertise you’ll get from a visit with the jewelry professionals in de Boulle’s Dallas store on Preston Road and Houston boutique in River Oaks District.

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