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The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Women: 9 Surprises That Will Knock Her Socks Off

BY // 12.07.18

Editor’s note: PaperCity’s counting down to the holidays with ultra-curated and distinctive gift guides.

Each Christmas, the shining, ribboned, bow-topped gifts under the tree get all the credit. The boxes come in all different sizes, but you know that whatever’s inside, it’s gonna be good. But the tree, while pretty lit, is not the only place for the surprises.

There’s another spot, staring you straight in the face.

That would be your Christmas stockings. That’s where the gift-giver can truly shine: packing a punch with a pint-sized present. The gift-giver proves they know the beloved recipient inside and out, and they can prove it without the big boxes, huge budget and bravado.

This year think outside the box when it comes to presents for the lovely lady in your life. Where she thinks she’ll get maybe a tube of lip gloss or a gift card, she’ll get something unexpected and unforgettable. Knock her socks off with her stocking.

PaperCity has got your back on this fresh take on gift-giving. We’ve picked out a slew of satisfying stocking stuffers, at a range of price points, all under $30 — perfectly stocking reasonable. There’s a bounty of beauty options for the stylish one in your life, and a few tantalizing choices for the techie.

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This time around, don’t just put the stuff in stocking stuffing. Put the memorable stuff in.

Sugarfina Bento Box


It’s not quite time to pop the champagne, but it’s definitely time to pop these bite-sized bubbly candies into your mouth. These gummy bears are the very definition of short but sweet. It’s too much to resist downing a whole handful of these sugar-dusted confections.

And you can even create a triple threat — an entire bento box of your festive favorites in oh-so-sweet gift boxes. We promise this isn’t just sweet talk.

Shower Wine Glass Holder


This present is all about relaxing like never before. Sometimes, taking a nice hot shower is all you need. Sometimes, unwinding with a glass of Chardonnay is just what the doctor ordered. Now, you can do both at the same time with this silicone wine glass holder.

This ingenious hands-free invention adheres to your shower and bath wall so you can luxuriate and sip at the same time with no fear of taking a tumble. We’ve done our part — you’re responsible for the playlist.

Bunny Mini Bluetooth Speaker


You’ll be all ears for this speaker which is, well, all ears. This adorable bunny proves that not all tech is silver, black and uninspired. This bluetooth speaker’s the grown-up version of your favorite stuffed animal.

This mini creature’s as functional as it is fun, and it’s so easy to take on the go. But holding it over your head won’t quite have that Say Anything impact.

Mini Jade Facial Roller


Don’t be so jaded — beauty tool actually works. This mini facial roller is handcrafted from jade and cools, tightens and de-puffs your face after a long day or first thing in the morning.

It’s truly a hidden gem. Tighten those pores, lessen those under-eye circles, reduce redness and even promote lymphatic drainage. Whatever that means.

Customized Popsocket Grip


This one’ll have you saying socket to me. Popsocket grips are a smart phone must-have. You can pop ’em right onto the back of your digital BFF, making it super easy to hold your phone or set it upright on a table.

This creative piece of construction can even be customized. Upload your favorite image and make it your own.

Wireless Retro Bluetooth Headphones


Kick back with this throwback. These retro wireless Bluetooth headphones are the blend of the very best of retro and contemporary: they’ve got that classic old-school look, with all the modern touches.

You can jam out and even take calls for up to a whopping 12 hours. Go big, and go back in time.

Face and Eye Brush Kit


You knew you wouldn’t get through this list without a little bit of cosmetic choices. This face and eye brush kit runs the gamut of all your beautifying needs in one easy breezy four-piece collection.

Inside the handy travel case, you’ll find a medium power brush, buffing foundation brush, large shadow brush and precision crease brush all at one unbeatable price.

Piggy Portable Charger


This little gift brings a whole new meaning to piggy bank. This barnyard beauty is undeniably the cutest portable charger you’ve ever seen, and it proves that not all banks are bulky and boring.

The charming charger’s battery lasts up to a whole day between charges. We all know chargers are truly lifesavers as much as they are battery-savers. What more could you want?

Yoga dice


Does the idea of doing downward dog in a room full of sweaty strangers get you down? Well, you’re in luck. This convenient pack of yoga dice lets you do all the moves from your very own living room.

Simply roll and the move is revealed. This may seem to good to be true, but take a breath. And let it out.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 


Tequila bird with two stones thanks to these salt shot glasses — it’s glass and chaser all in one. Liven up the party with these shooters that are bound to last awhile.

And, not for nothing, they’re pretty easy on the eyes. Just make sure you wash your hands before you touch your peepers. It’s for the best.

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