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Special Jewels are a True Family Affair for de Boulle — Mother and Daughter Collection Brings Holiday Wows

Some Presents Create Extraordinary Moments — and Lasting Memories


There’s nothing quite like the anticipation of opening a jewelry box and seeing something sparkling nestled in velvet, or the thrill of sliding on a ring to mark a special occasion. These are some of life’s more exciting moments — and they’re often remembered forever.

The Boulle family knows them well, having created jewelry for more than three decades that connects people and creates unforgettable moments. It’s a legacy of love that carries from one generation to the next.

Denis and Karen Boulle established de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry in 1983, and over the past 36 years, the couple has grown their business with locations in Houston and Dallas, while also growing their family. Today, de Boulle embodies the true spirit of family collaboration, with son Nick and daughter Emma both working for the company.

“The feeling that de Boulle is a family owned business couldn’t be more true,” Karen Boulle says.

What’s also true, is this is a family that thrives on fresh ideas inspired by travel and time spent together. The namesake de Boulle Collection, designed and curated by Karen Boulle, is an immediate eye-catcher thanks to her affinity for unusual gemstones. Influenced by her own parents and their travels to exotic locales, Karen Boulle designs with color in mind.

“I’ve always been attracted to color and I think that’s from the markets I saw growing up, ” Karen Boulle says. “The Ghurka women had these amazing colored bangles. And when my father would go to Kathmandu, he would bring back beautiful little boxes with turquoise and coral.”

That passion to explore and discover a fresh approach to jewelry is definitely hereditary. Karen and Emma Boulle are combining their skills and styles for the newest de Boulle jewelry collection, an array of stackable bracelets and rings, signature cuffs, pendant necklaces and yes, color. Lots of color.

de Boulle Diamond & Jewelry
Khasi Hills Hoop Earrings with bezel set round emeralds crafted in 18K green gold and black gold.

The collection is infused with youthful, modern touches at a range of prices, which allows people of all ages to begin the joyful tradition of giving and receiving jewelry.

“My mom tends to stay ahead of the trends,” Emma Boulle says. “I actually call it casual luxe. Whether she is wearing big and bold pieces or something more comfortable and casual, she rocks it.”

These are pieces that rock, thanks to diamonds, emeralds and rubies set against white, rose and yellow gold. Karen Boulle’s design eye transcends generations, but each has staying power.

“The pieces are fun and are at different price points, but they are classical and timeless. My hope is that we have created heirloom pieces to be passed down to their daughters,” Karen Boulle says.

It’s not an accident that family, memories and traditions are felt in each piece.

Karen Boulle still treasures an antique sapphire bracelet and a Tibetan turquoise ring her mother gave her — and she has imbued the collection with same feel. Likewise, Emma Boulle chose a delicate pavé band created by her mother from the de Boulle Collection rather than a class ring, and counts a de Boulle diamond bracelet commemorating her 24th birthday as two of her most valued pieces of jewelry.

Creating the gift of joy is a privilege the Boulles’ treasure just as much as the time and creativity spent together as a family.

“This is a wonderful business to be in. We are surrounded by beauty and are a part of so many special celebrations and milestones,” Karen Boulle says.

“Jewelry and special moments are tied together,” Emma Boulle says.

And those moments are meant to be shared from one generation to the next.

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