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Dear Boyfriend — How to Avoid Being a Boring Gift Giver

Personalized Treasures That Will Make Anyone Swoon

BY // 11.06.19

As it has already been established that the boyfriend is the assumed catchall for all gift giving desires, I am once again here to offer up my oh so selfless services to highlight coveted items to give a better half when the hankering for a lavish giving spree inevitably hits.

The latest story in PaperCity‘s new Dear Boyfriend series will focus on a particularly niche corner of the gift giving stratosphere that deserves attention — bespoke treasures.

For the particularly discerning gift receivers, bespoke represents the gifting holy grail.

There is a particular type of favor to be earned when a thoughtfully personalized item is gifted, so consider this a mission to help boyfriends everywhere get into the highest echelon of good graces with their significant others.

Dear Boyfriend,

As you probably know by now, I consider myself to be of a rare breed. In fact, I’m the only member of this rare breed. With that personal viewpoint, it is only fitting that I most appreciate the gifts that are custom made, personalized, made to order – specially for me.


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My girlfriend is one of kind, therefor everything with which she surrounds herself should follow suit. You may as well pen that mantra in the Relationship Bible with gilded ink.

Sure the world of custom items is endless. I would never turn down a stylish but humble made-to-order yacht named in my honor or a tailor made Ferrari with perfectly curated bells and whistles, but lets start with six simple bespoke items of note that will add a little fuel to that burning flame I carry for you.

Personalized Perfume

The experts say scent and attraction go hand in hand, so as an ode to science and to me, it is only fitting that you gift me a personalized fragrance. What better way to make your loved one feel like one of a kind than to make sure she smells like literally no one else in the world.

Floris London, perfumer to the Royal Family, offers a custom created fragrance experience complete with consultations with the experts to curate the perfect combination of oils and essences.

Floris Custom Purfume
The bespoke experience with Floris is a royal experience

Custom Necklace

If you’re ever feeling a little jealous, might I offer you a suggestion to gift a Brevity custom signature necklace, The crafty jeweler scans your actual signature and create a yellow or white gold version for me to wear around my neck. Signed sealed delivered, I’ll be yours (for at least a little while) with a beautiful bauble to show off. 

Sweater Power

Although my brutal honesty has gotten me into trouble a time or two, a hand embroidered Lingua Franca Sweater will allow me to subtly speak my mind, while maintaining my fashionable edge. The stylish 100 percent cashmere walking billboard supports Equality Now, an organization working to empower women.

Any gift with a charitable contribution will earn you double the points with me.

Custom Boots

You may think my shoe collection is busting at the seams, but nothing will add a pep to my step like customized Miron Crosby Cowboy Boots with my initials hand inlaid in the sides. The Texas born sister duo are merging the gap between Southern style and high fashion which is no small feat.

And by giving these to a Texas girl, you will be merging the gap between her true Texan roots and her obsession with bold fashion.

Breakfast in Bed

Another way to her heart is to bring her breakfast in bed, so let me introduce you to the bespoke tray by Edie Parker to deliver the perfect morning meal while adding some additional extravagance to the experience. The stylish acrylic accessories can be marked with any word or saying and offer a chic take on the most important meal of the day.

Golden Moments

In avoidance of any nagging arguments that might pop up, might I suggest a wellness trip to a spa for total relaxation and rejuvenation. A custom tailored experience at Golden Door Spa will catapult your girlfriend to the utmost wellness, keeping her happy go lucky, no matter what frustrations come your way.

The specialists at this highly acclaimed wellness destination will lay out a individualized plan for your stay complete with tailor made gourmet meals, curated activities and indulgent spa treatments to satisfy every whim and get her feeling in tip top shape.

Golden Door Spa
A personalized wellness trip to Golden Door Spa is the perfect way to keep your significant other rejuvenated and relaxed.

Dating such a unique creature such as myself may sometimes be puzzling, so I present these gift suggestions purely as a roadmap for getting a few steps closer to solving the mystery.

Sincerely Yours,

Your eccentric, slightly crazy and one-of-a-kind girlfriend

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