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Houston’s Favorite Peacock Takes Paris by Absolute Storm: Men’s Fashion Will Never Be the Same After This Bayou City Infusion

BY // 06.28.18

How the ladies love Tootsies’ creative director Fady Armanious, who lights up every happening not only with his adorbs personality but also with his extraordinary wardrobe. Think a wispy  train worn over his white Neru dinner jacket for the ballet ball and for New York fashion week, leopard print pajamas accessorized with fur-lined Gucci slip-ons.

Whether it’s a white-tie gala or a happening at Tootsies, Armanious regularly strikes an unexpected, yet somehow always interesting, fashion mode. While the look might be out of this world, it is never garish, always exhibiting creativity with a sharp sense of style.

Needless to say, we have been quite taken with his Instagram postings during his European fashion jaunt. The Egyptian-born Armanious has taken Paris by storm, breaking all the stuffy Parisian fashion rules by wearing a canary yellow suit by Jill Sander, an ankle-length fringed jacket by Vivienne Westwood, and YSL floral slacks in red and white combined with red socks and Fendi slippers.

Oh, my.

As Armanious noted in one of his Instagram posts, “Always the colorful one in the crowd.”

Herewith, we take a look at his Paris fashion fling. We’ve thrown in a few Houston shots from some of his daring and divine ensembles.

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