The Heart of Tarrant County — This American Heart Association Ball Takes It Beyond the Gala Table

How You Can Help Everyone's Health

BY // 05.20.21

Talk about unprecedented. Everyone knows how much the world changed beginning in March 2020, and the days and months since then have been full of challenges, hardship and loss, to be sure. But there have also been many moments of hope, good deeds and human kindness. Life is precious, and we’ve all received a lasting lesson in that since the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world.

One of the most important sectors in which we’ve seen good deeds and kindness, not to mention selfless service, is the medical and health field. From EMTs, doctors and nurses to researchers and vaccine specialists, we’ve all been touched by the acts of countless individuals — most of whom we’ll never meet — who have saved lives. We owe them much.

If you are looking for a way to pay these good deeds back, and pay it forward, you need to know about the 2021 Heart of Tarrant County Heart Ball, which takes place virtually on Friday, June 4.

“Our vision for Heart of Tarrant County and the Heart Ball is to expand the mission of the traditional Heart Ball to move beyond the gala table,” says Emile Blaine, executive director of the Tarrant County division. “The Heart of Tarrant County campaign takes philanthropic efforts beyond the ballroom, working daily to help every heart, improve the struggles of our neighbors and increase the impact of community partners.”

This year it’s a largely digital experience, one organized by a team adjusting to the unprecedented demands and challenges facing us all. And you want to be part of this. Because we can gather in smaller groups separately, safely, knowing that we’ll be doing great things for people who need us.

Community members, medical professionals and corporate leaders are expected to attend the event from living rooms all over Tarrant County to support and celebrate the heart-healthy organization’s mission.

You want to be part of an event whose results will improve the lives of many local citizens, individuals deserving of medical breakthroughs advanced by the American Heart Association. As the saying goes, Tarrant County lives fierce and fights for all.

Another reason or two you don’t want to miss this? Performances from Lady A, an auction featuring some of the best lots you’re likely to see this year, and tons of camaraderie, fellowship and fun.

Lady A is devoting time to the Tarrant County Heart Ball, and you should, too.

Speaking of the auction, it opens on May 28. And it’s not too late to donate items to this great cause and help a mission extraordinaire. Click here for the details. Anyone interested in helping sponsor the event, reach out to the topnotch team at The Heart of Tarrant County and make your mark.

Heart disease and stroke can affect anyone at any time. A life is claimed every 80 seconds by cardiovascular diseases, but nearly 80 percent of cardiovascular diseases are preventable. Funds raised through the year-round Heart of Tarrant County campaign go directly toward cardiovascular research and heart health educational programs in Tarrant County and nationwide.

What: The 2021 Heart of Tarrant County Heart Ball
When: Friday, June 4, 2021
Where: Online and in Tarrant County area living rooms in a special event designed for these times. Click here for tickets and more information.