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Trend Report — La Ligne Brings Timeless and Forever Chic Clothes to Highland Park Village

New York is the Only Other City With This Store

BY // 01.13.21

Highland Park Village needs no introduction. The seminal shopping center — America’s first planned shopping center (it opened in 1931) — is a true destination, the place in Dallas you go when you want CHANEL, Hermès, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, or Tom Ford, to name but five of the luxury brands that call the landmark home.

Well-dressed men and women know it’s the center of the Dallas fashion universe. And this is a shopping wonderland that’s all about adding more.

La Ligne is the newest name at Highland Park Village. Founders Molly Howard, Valerie Macaulay, and Meredith Melling chose the Village for the brand’s second brick-and-mortar store ever and the New York-based La Ligne is determined to earn its stripes in Texas (more on those stripes later).

Meredith Melling, Valerie Macaulay, and Molly Howard founded La Ligne in 2016, and together have more than 30 years of experience in the fashion world.

In November 2019, La Ligne displayed its line — timeless staples, statement pieces and seasonal items — in a pop-up at MARKET Highland Park, and the successful debut was the perfect launch pad for the brand’s Texas debut. In-the-know fashionistas came, and they liked what they saw.

Howard, Macaulay, and Melling, whose backgrounds include editor positions at Vogue (Macaulay and Melling) and rag & bone (Howard was the brand’s head of business development), oversee all aspects of La Ligne, from business to creative and everything in-between.

They espouse one single ethos. The best things in fashion (and life) are classic, but they are never off-limits for reinvention.

Back to stripes, which can be seen as the foundation of La Ligne, and which the designing trio use as a motif, with stunning creative flair. The universal appeal of the stripe as a timeless wardrobe staple is demonstrated throughout La Ligne’s lineup of classic and “forever chic” clothes.

Bold statement: Wear this with jeans or a cashmere skirt and make a fashionable scene ($250).

La Ligne lets its customers personalize their favorite pieces with its signature monogram, inspired by the practice of crossing out one’s name on personal stationery to show the recipient that they are special and close.

Dallas and beyond: La Ligne will quickly become a favorite brand for those with taste.

And who doesn’t love La Ligne’s Marin sweater, a perennial favorite available in a plethora of styles and colors, including a turtleneck? It’s enough to make you want one of each.

La Ligne’s Marin sweater, a classic-in-the-making.
La Ligne’s Marin sweater, turtleneck edition: Yes, please.

This is definitely a new must-shop in Highland Park Village.

What: La Ligne
Where: 26C Highland Park Village, between MARKET and Christian Louboutin
When: Mondays through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm.
Number: 469-868-6139

For much more on La Ligne and all the timeless clothes it offers, peruse its full website. Or just pop into the Village. For more on everything Highland Park Village has to offer, click here.

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