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Vitalyc Medspa Shares Tips on How To Navigate Laser Season

The Treatment That Was Made for Colder Weather

BY // 01.12.22

In the skin and beauty world, laser season is a legitimate time of year. Many lasers, whether it’s laser hair removal or facial procedures, have a seasonality to them where it’s important to avoid outside factors, like extreme heat. Especially in Texas.

We spoke with Vitalyc Medspa’s clinical director and nurse practitioner Taylor Siemens to help PaperCity readers navigate through the varying laser procedures for the best outcome during the colder season. Siemens says that at Vitalyc, all treatment plans are customized to each person’s current skin health and goals, downtime availability, and budget. 

“We don’t do cookie-cutter,” Siemens says. “On average, you can expect one to four sessions depending on which modality is selected after a consultation and discussion with one of our Vitalyc skin experts and clinicians.”

Siemens also says that most clients take advantage of the complimentary consultations with a Visia Skin Analysis to provide objective goals based on texture, sun damage, redness, wrinkles and skin age. This tool is also used to evaluate treatment progress and results.

PC: Why is now a good time of year to start with laser treatments? Or get a touchup? 

Siemens: It is safest to receive laser treatments when suntans and extreme heat can easily be avoided throughout the treatment plan. Because of this, laser season is generally between September through March. Most laser treatment plans include several sessions, so if you start now, you can get all sessions in before the summer weather and sunny vacations begin. Many of our clients dream of bouncing around pool parties and summer activities without makeup on to hide sun damage and uneven skin tone or not having to worry about shaving with impromptu plans in summer clothes. Treating now, allows this to be possible before pool season begins.

PC: What should someone consider if they are considering laser treatments?

Siemens: Consider travel plans and activities coming up in the next couple of months. Alterations in skin color will need to be avoided in the treatment areas during their treatment plans, such as spray tan, UV tan, or tanning oils and lotions. We have the strongest numbing cream available to help make all treatments comfortable. For those who are nervous, we also have laughing gas for an even better treatment experience.

PC: What laser services does Vitalyc offer? 

Siemens: Beyond laser hair removal, we have a laser for every skin concern. From pigment and uneven skin tone, redness, texture, pore size, tightening, scars and collagen production — we have it all. BBL (BroadBand Light) photo facial is a great treatment without a recovery to address brown spots, sun damage, redness, and overall skin health. And the Halo is a laser to correct uneven skin complexion, texture, pore size, acne scarring, and stimulate collagen production. Moxi is a laser that is considered to be Halo’s “little sister.” Moxi addresses all of the same issues but breaks the treatment into multiple sessions for those who do not have the social downtime that is required for a typical resurfacing laser. SkinTyte is part of the BBL modules. It is a great treatment to cause a shrink-wrap effect to the skin and tighten areas of laxity. It is a great treatment to pair with any laser or as a standalone treatment. 

PC: What’s new in 2022 at Vitalyc?

Siemens: We were the first in the state of Texas to receive our Moxi device when it was released last year. We look forward to bringing in new, well-studied medical devices and treatments in the new year as they come. And in honor of laser season, we are offering 20 percent off of laser packages right now.

Vitalyc Medspa is expanding its brand to Addison and Southlake in 2022.

To learn more about Vitalyc Medspa and its laser services, visit its website.