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Milliard Diamond Concierge’s Top Picks — 6 Timeless Pieces You Can Wear Every Day

Customized Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, and Earrings

BY // 09.09.22

When you step into the Milliard Diamond Concierge’s Dallas office and showroom, it’s hard to not get inspired. With an abundance of natural light and aesthetically-pleasing decor, the Knox-Henderson spot is what diamond dreams are made of. 

The luxury diamond concierge, founded by Dallasites and longtime friends William Manning and Brittani Lassiter, launched just as the world was shutting down in March 2020. It was only supposed to be a side hobby. Lassiter, a litigation attorney by trade and longtime jewelry enthusiast, had visions of creating pieces for friends. However, with Milliard’s first sale in April 2020 and increasing demand, it only took three months until Lassiter left her career in law to focus on Milliard full-time.

The Milliard Diamond Concierge Vision

“I’ve always been fascinated by jewelry and diamonds, so I like to say that this opportunity just really came to me.”

Not only did the opportunity come to Lassiter and Manning, but the demand did as well. In only two and a half years, the brand has exploded across the nation. The team has more than tripled in size, including the addition of two master in-house jeweler, four designers, and an assistant designer. The brand’s inventory has grown by more than 650 percent since its original April 2020 inventory. And expanding beyond Lassiter’s original vision of clients solely being close friends, the Milliard team ships items coast to coast every day — often to clients they’ve never met.


Milliard Diamond Concierge
The Roman Ring was Milliard’s first piece and started Milliard on the custom journey that marks the brand today.

“It’s crazy because we’ve really grown this all through social media — we don’t even have a website up yet,” says Lassiter. “People love to follow us on social media, get inspired for their own piece, and then complete the entire process virtually or in person”

“I think the fact that people are willing to place these large and important orders entirely virtually shows the trust our clients have in Milliard,” adds Mackenzie Knapp, Milliard Diamond Concierge GIA Graduate Gemologist.

A Focus on Customization

With a focus on ideation, customization, and personalization, the options for unique and truly one-of-a-kind pieces are endless at Milliard. The designers work with clients to understand their story and personality, and then translate that into pieces you’ll have in the family for generations to come. And by cutting out any middlemen, the brand can offer some of the best prices in the industry while also keeping an incredibly tight timeline (most pieces can be completed in approximately four to six weeks).

“In addition to helping our clients through the intimate design process, a big part of our business is also education and teaching our clients how to wear their pieces in everyday life,” says Lassiter. “People don’t want to spend all this money on a piece that they’ll wear once. Our team teaches them how to layer both more upscale and casual pieces, how to repurpose heirloom jewelry, and even how to make pieces out of uncommon objects, such as a coin.”

All of Milliard’s pieces are made completely in-house and able to be customized to your heart’s content. Whether you’re looking for a piece to wear on your ears, around your neck, on your finger, or around your wrist — welcome to endless options.

If you’re just starting to build your collection, or if you’re looking to add a timeless piece to your current collection, here are Milliard’s Top Picks.

Milliard’s Top Picks

Milliard Diamond Concierge
The Milliard Starbust Pendant comes in all shapes and sizes.

The Starburst Pendant

One of Milliard’s most popular items is the Starburst Pendant. The piece comes in all shapes and sizes, including the ability to remove the starburst element of the pendant if desired. Clients often add their children’s or spouses’ birthstones and names, and Milliard can even add a phrase in a loved one’s handwriting on the back of the pendant for a truly special, custom touch.

The Roman + Name Ring

Milliard’s Roman + Name Ring is iconic and floods the Instagram homepages of women everywhere. The pieces are completely personalizable, from the actual dates and names on the ring to the metal, the addition of birthstones, the addition of handwriting on the inside, and beyond. These rings were the brand’s first piece and started Milliard on the custom journey that marks the brand today. Lassiter still wears her ring every day.


Milliard Initial Cuff
The Initial Cuff is one of Milliard’s most popular items.

The Initial Cuff

Lassiter says in addition to the Roman + Name Ring, the Initial Cuff is one of Milliard’s most popular items — and one she also wears every day. Like a lot of other Milliard pieces, the cuff started with just the initials of loved ones but has, of course, expanded to include birthstones, handwriting, different shaped diamonds, and more.

The Duo Huggie

Milliard’s Duo Huggies started as a single huggie with a single metal but has evolved into an extremely unique piece that can feature two metals (for instance, yellow gold on the front and rose gold on the back) and unlimited gemstone combinations across both the front and back of the earring, which allows the client to wear them two different ways–essentially a two-for-one piece. Clients mix and match diamonds with gemstones to create their own piece that tells their story.

Milliard Duo Huggies
Clients can mix and match diamonds with gemstones to create their own pair of Duo Huggies that tell their story.

The Initial Birthstone Necklace

The Initial Birthstone Necklace is a showstopper. The piece features an array of initials (think spouse, children, parent, etc.) spaced by diamonds or gemstones. Like all Milliard pieces, every aspect of the necklace can be customized — even down to the spacing between the initial and stones.

Diamond Initial Necklace with birthstones of all 3 kids.

The Flex Bangle

Last but not least, Milliard’s Flex Bangles are a fan favorite. The Flex Bangle is the brand’s take on the traditional tennis bracelet, with a few notable improvements. Unlike traditional tennis bracelets, Flex Bangles remain a consistent shape and size. They’re also extremely comfortable and lightweight, easily worn in an office setting when lots of typing is required but you don’t want to make a sound. The Flex Bangle can be personalized to include different stones, as well as customized shapes for each of the diamonds.

For more information, visit the brand’s Instagram @milliarddiamondconcierge. Be sure to also go to and sign up to be one of the first to access their new website launching soon.

Milliard Diamond Concierge is by appointment only. Email or call the showroom directly (214-432-1044) to make an appointment.