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Sundown in Seville

BY // 11.26.14

Contrary to Gordon Gecko’s infamous edict – according to Nancy’s fiery, longtime CEO (and son), Santiago Gonzalez – GREED is not good. It is “discipline,” he says. A steady hand and measured distribution strategy – or as he puts it “not being greedy” that has been the key to maintaining the purity of the brand and putting it at the top of the luxury skins handbag sector.

But looking at the just released resort collection one is reminded of the real reason – the bags themselves. This season’s colours and patterns make you want to break out the Sangria and Flamenco all night long. In short, Nancy turned out one of the most beautiful and original collections that will be seen anywhere for resort. The brand’s de rigueur immaculate construction and leather pleating was offset by vibrant hues of every shade; and in some cases, borderline obscenely beautiful cutouts on interwoven pieces of crocodile.

The inspiration for the collection came from city of Seville in Spain- the city where Queen Isabella received her gold during the Crusades – a not so literal nod to the duos’ (immigrants themselves) own thankfulness for America’s abundance and celebrated response to their brand. But make no mistake, they are proud of their Columbian roots- and when one retailer suggested long ago they downplay it, Santiago actually put the word on the label.

The collection ranges from $1400 – $4100 and is available currently at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide.

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