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The Oscars’ Red Carpet Winners — 13 Celebrities Who Ruled the Fashion Night

From Chris Evans' Handsome Chivalry to Lady Gaga's Jewels to Billy Porter's Mic Drop

BY Reed Robertson // 02.25.19

Sunday night’s Academy Awards served as the Grand Slam Fashion Finale of one of the most fabulous red carpet Award Seasons this little pop-culture weirdo hath been lucky enough to witness.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the lewks that made me lose my breath from the Oscars. (Spoiler alert… there’s a whole lotta pink and I am living for it).

Henry Golding — Ralph Lauren

Honestly, I have never been more jealous of a tuxedo than I am in this very moment. Can we all just agree that Henry is the next Leonardo DiCaprio and call it a day? Subsequently, I’m the new Kate Winslet, so…

Angela Bassett — Custom Reem Acra

Angela. Freakin. Bassett. The color? Perfect. The Slit? Screams. The glam? I’m Sweating. Then there is that faboosh couture explosion happening on the arm that is so gorgeous I wrote a letter to my senator about it.

Hey Everybody, you good? Just hanging with my boo… #oscars #ainthecute

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Emma Stone — Louis Vuitton

This is giving me the vibes of a Chic Intergalactic Warrior By Day, Red Carpet Presenter By Night — and to that I say exquisite. Sort of like Barbarella meets Babs (sans beret), if you will. And you will. And I thank you for it.

Kacey Musgraves — Giambattista Valli Couture

Y’all know this makes the list cause I wanna wear it, right? Sis is giving me Chicest Tooth Fairy evah and I would willingly knock out my own incisors if I knew it meant she would pay me a visit afterwards.

Also just, like, sheezus she is gorgeous. Good job universe.

Kacey Musgraves at the #Oscars gives us butterflies. 💕 (📷: Getty Images)

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Chris Evans — Custom Salvatore Ferragamo

All I can say if oofah. He’s so ridiculously handsome I need a 12 pack of Pepcid AC. Seriously, if anything ever happens to my partner, I feel as though the best road to recovery for me would definitely be with Chris Evans. He’s a healer.

And just when you thought you couldn’t swoon anymore, he escorts Regina King onto the stage… I mean quit. I’ve seen enough. Sign me up for the full membership. I’m sold.

Sarah Paulson — Brandon Maxwell

This cut-out-and-cropped confection marks the end of a killer award season for Paulson. This also brings up another red-carpet fave for me: the pockets! Don’t worry if you didn’t clock them right away, she never took her hands out of them all night.

I truly think she was directing the telecast from in there, and to her I say brava.

Danai Guerra — Brock Collection

This is Danai’s fourth time to rock the brock and I just have to say that I find it the most perfectly lovely of pairings. The lewk is strong and feminine, with the right amount of ease and refinement whipped in.

Michelle Yeoh — Elie Saab

OK, so if Kacey is the Tooth Fairy, then Michelle is the Fairy Godmother of my Dreams. (My Disney biopic is really shaping up nicely doncha think?!) Truly, this lewk is otherworldly glamorous — so much so, in fact, that I just called in sick to work tomorrow.

Reasoning? I’ve been stricken down with the Chic-ness.

Arrived #Oscar 👋🏻 @theacademy

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Glenn Close — Custom Carolina Herrera by Wes Gordon

To my dear readers (hi mom!), I tell you this: This is what an icon looks like. She’s giving you metallic royalty; she’s giving you new-age drama. And that train? We are not worthy. I’m content to never move forward in life, but rather just bask in the glow of the goddess that is Glenn.

Lady Gaga – Alexander McQueen & Tiffany & Co. jewels

Breath was definitely bated for this one, and mama absolutely delivered! The Gown! The Glam! The Coif! All worn while casually opera-belting Old Hollywood Realness. But the jewels: the 128 carat Tiffany & Co. canary bauble was so breathtaking I tried to “borrow” a youth’s asthma inhaler.

The last time this was seen in pubic you ask? Oh, just 1962 in the movie posters for a little movie called Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Oh, and worn by Audrey Hepburn in said posters.

No big deal, I’m just gonna go over here and shed a tear or two.

Regina King — Custom Oscar de la Renta

Regina? Quick question for ya my lil strudel. Who gave you permission to seduce me with that peekaboo-gam slit up to there?! I mean, don’t hurt yourself bein’ all glamourous. But for real, the beading on this bodice is subtle but lovely and King looks powerful, confident and the absolute right amount of sexy!

Gemma Chan — Valentino Haute Couture

So I now divide my life into two categories. Before Gemma. After Gemma. This is me now. This is who I am. She was my No. 1 style star to watch for the season and she could not have done me more proud than Oscars night.

My favorite lewk from the Autumn/Winter 2019 Couture show, this is fresh off the runway and is now my favorite dress of all time — considering it has now been worn by our Gemma, here, and by the incomparable (my runway unicorn), Liya Kebebe.

On our way… #oscars #oscars2019 #maisonvalentino #jimmychoo #bulgari

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Billy Porter — Custom Christian Siriano

He arrived early. He was the first person I saw on the carpet. And I knew he came to slay henny!! It’s refined. It’s classic. It’s Chic as hell! It’s also an important moment for the red carpet and I know I will remember it for a many moons to come.

Salutations Mr. Porter, you have changed the game and upped the stakes for all red carpet’s to come. Mic drop.

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