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Houston’s Custom Scarf Dynamos Make Sustainable Fashion Cool With a New Astros Twist — RoKi Design Gets Into Sleeves

Glamour, Versatility, Philanthropy and. . . Team Spirit

BY // 05.02.23

Sustainability, philanthropy and style are at the heart of RoKi Design, a custom scarf brand launched in 2019 by Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell and Kimberly Phipps-Nichol. The dynamic Houston duo is once again evolving the idea behind their luxurious upcycled scarf creations, introducing base tanks and interchangeable sleeve sets. These two are constantly reimagining their vision of sustainable fashion.  

When Bazzelle Mitchell and Phipps-Nichol initially created RoKi Design, they wanted to make it more than just an outlet for their mutual fashion interests. They worked to make a difference, one scarf at a time. 

Each of their pieces falls under one of three categories: custom-designed scarves designed to honor and benefit charitable organizations committed to helping those in need and improving communities locally and beyond; scarves designed in collaboration with emerging artists; and an absolute dedication to repurposed and vintage pieces used for accessories and home goods.   

The latter includes handmade items crafted from authentic vintage scarves and upcycled luxury fabrics, which inspired RoKi Design’s latest base tank and sleeve set combination.   

The concept is straightforward. A lightweight and deliciously soft base tank made from 80 percent recycled nylon and 20 percent elastane is outfitted with a snap system, allowing for endless scarf sleeve options made from authentic luxury scarves or RoKi’s own silk or silk cashmere blend scarves.  

It’s an idea akin to Veronica Beard’s wildly popular Dickey Jackets. Want a new look? Add a new dickey liner. Want to add some color, movement and panache to a basic black skirt or white pants? Slip on a tank sleeve set. 

“It’s the evolution of an idea,” Phipps-Nichol says. “Two brains are better than one. And we kept asking, ‘How do we elevate it?’ “

RoKi Designs
RoKi Designs is donating 20 percent of the Astros sleeve sets net proceeds to The Astros Foundation. 

Next-level style and sustainability were achieved through breathtaking Balmain, Pucci, Hermès, Cartier and Chanel scarves in vibrant hues and signature designs, made to attach in a snap. Sleeve sets are size inclusive, ranging in price from $650 to $950.

RoKi Design also extended the idea to one-of-a-kind vests, upcycling pieces and adding complementary scarf sleeves, giving new life to a designer piece. Depending on the brand and customization detailing, vests are an additional cost, ranging from $150 to $500.  

The timing of the sleeve sets is ideal for Houston’s spring and summer temperatures, offering a chic way to look polished and stay cool, but there’s another silken lining in the mix. Bazzelle Mitchell and Phipps-Nichol created Houston Astros-inspired vests and sleeve sets, perfect for the Diamond Dreams Gala and Safe at Home Luncheon and Style Show benefitting The Astros Foundation. It’s never been easier to wear team spirit on your sleeve, and the lightweight looks can also be worn to games.   

The designers are donating 20 percent of the Astros sleeve sets’ net proceeds to The Astros Foundation in appreciation of the organization’s work on behalf of youth sports and education programs, the nation’s military, childhood cancer, domestic violence awareness and efforts to reduce homelessness. 

In addition to shopping the RoKi Design site, select pieces are available at Tootsies and David Peck. 

The Team Behind RoKi Design

Bazzelle Mitchell, an attorney and fitness expert, and Phipps-Nichol, a commercial interior designer and seamstress, understand the need for versatile dressing that goes the distance. The use of upcycled materials and a keen eye for luxe scarves and quality pieces continue their pursuit of innovation and sustainability. 

“You can wear these all day long and be appropriate for the boardroom,” Bazzelle Mitchell tells PaperCity. 

Kimberly Phipps-Nichol and Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell, founders of RoKi Design are designing with sustainable luxury in mind. (Photo by Al Torres Photography)
Kimberly Phipps-Nichol and Roslyn Bazzelle Mitchell, founders of RoKi Design are designing with sustainable luxury in mind. (Photo by Al Torres Photography)

From the boardroom to the Juice Box, the creative team is already buzzing along with what’s next for RoKi Design and its commitment to fashion that’s both glamorous and good for the planet.

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