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Breaking Down All the Outrageous, Extraordinary Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts of 2023

The Over-the-Top Experiences Include Becoming a Disney Animated Character or Performing with ABT

BY // 10.25.23

Talk of gift guides as early as October of 2023 can be anxiety-inducing, but there is one habitually early shopping reminder that’s never a bother: the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts. A holiday tradition launched in 1959 by Stanley Marcus, the ultra-curated collection of extremely over-the-top presents is pure wish fulfillment, sending its lucky recipients to epic, far-flung places in first class. A few standouts from the illustrious past roster of Fantasy Gifts include his-and-hers Shar Pei puppies, a submarine, and a trunk of handmade accessories curated by Iris Apfel.

For a few someones, somewhere, the Fantasy Gifts might actually become a reality, but we’re happy simply reading the fine print. It’s just a “fantasy” after all.

Ahead, explore the eight outrageous, extraordinary experiences that comprise the 2023 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts.

Disney's 2024 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift Benefitting Make-A-Wish Foundation
Disney’s 2023 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Become an Animated Disney Character

This one’s for the Disney adults. For just over half a million dollars, enjoy a private tour of Walt Disney Animation Studios and get animated into a real-deal Disney character. Your cartoon self will come to life (voiced by you) in a short video created by the studio. Naturally, the gift includes an invitation to the film premiere. Take that, TikTok.

The Beneficiary: Make-a-Wish Foundation

The Price: $510,000

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Carmen Cadillac CELESTIQ
A 2023 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift: a new Carmen Cadillac CELESTIQ.

Watch As Your New Carmen Cadillac CELESTIQ is Hand Built

Clocking in at just under $1 million, this gift earns the staggering distinction of being the splurgiest of the 2023 Fantasy Gifts — by quite a lot! And it takes you to Detroit of all places. And though we know little to nothing about cars, this sentence in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is, nevertheless, transcendent: “The choreographed lighting and a smart glass roof with fixed glass can be customized to suit each passenger’s preference, the 55″ pillar-to-pillar HD LED display harmonizes with a studio-quality aural experience to transport your senses into the symphonic, and the hands-free advanced driver assistance comes to life with Super Cruise.”

The Beneficiary: Detroit Opera House

The Price: $975,000

Ralph Lauren Olympics Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts 2023
Travel to the Paris Olympics with Ralph Lauren

Let Ralph Lauren Take You to the 2024 Paris Olympics

Ralph Lauren may be the official outfitter of Team USA, but the iconic American fashion house can also be your official outfitter (and reservation maker) at the 2023 Olympic Games in Paris. During a three-night stay, you’ll attend the opening ceremony and two Olympic events, then gain exclusive access to the Team USA House to dine and watch the games. Que les jeux commencent!

The Beneficiary: The Team USA Fund

The Price: $210,000

Go Yachting for Treasure with Pelorus
A 2023 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gift: sail the Indonesian islands.

Go Yachting for Treasure With Pelorus

Grab five friends, fly to Bali, and board a 137-foot Phinisi sailing yacht for a nine-day adventure through the magical, mystical islands of Indonesia, concluding with a beach party beneath the stars. There will be spa treatments, candlelit dinners in caves, scuba diving, jungle hikes, and a rousing treasure hunt for a $150,000 voucher for Neiman Marcus jewelry.

The Beneficiary: Pelorus Foundation

The Price: $485,000

neiman marcus abt
Dance alongside the esteemed American Ballet Theater

Dance with the American Ballet Theater

Those with stage fright need not apply, but those with dance aspirations and $200,000 to spare can live their prima ballerina dreams with the esteemed American Ballet Theater. The two-performance experiential gift takes place during the 2024 summer season, where you’ll fly to New York, observe a closed pre-performance ABT class, and rehearse a few steps with the pros. On night one, you’ll watch from a prime perch, but on night two, you’ll take the stage to present flowers — while exquisitely costumed — to a principal dancer.

The Beneficiary: The American Ballet Theater

The Price: $195,000

BACCARAT neiman marcus fantasy gift
Craft your own Baccarat crystal masterpiece.

Craft Your Own Baccarat Crystal Masterpiece

Fly first-class to the immaculate Baccarat Hotel New York, where you’ll relax at Spa de La Mer, dine with Michelin-starred chef Gabriel Kreuther, and enjoy a private shopping experience at the Baccarat 53rd Street Boutique. Then, jet to Paris (first-class again of course) where you’ll work with artisans to craft a bespoke crystal masterpiece just for you.

The Beneficiary: The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation

The Price: $75,000

Walk the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with Chopard. x 2023 neiman marcus fantasy gift
Walk the Cannes Film Festival red carpet with Chopard.

Visit the Cannes Film Festival Dripping in Chopard

Walk the red carpet, stay at a five-star hotel with a friend, and spend lavishly with a $500,000 voucher with Chopard, the highly prestigious luxury house that has long designed the iconic film festival’s trophies.

The Beneficiary: The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation

The Price: $500,000

nina magon x neiman marcus 2023 fantasy gift
Work with in-demand Italian Designer Nina Magon

Design Your Own Italian-Made Dream House

Head to Milan where you’ll work with in-demand interior designer Nina Magon to reimagine a space in your home and have it custom-furnished with the help of Adrian Dueñas. Gain unprecedented access to celebrated Italian furniture design factories and take a day trip to Lake Como.

The Beneficiary: MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Price: $380,000

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