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Checking In to the Béis Hotel Dallas With Founder Shay Mitchell

The Popular Travel Brand's Viral Bags Are in Dallas Through September

BY // 09.19.23
photography Courtesy of BÉIS

You know Béis, the DTC travel brand with a viral Weekender bag. Founded by former Pretty Little Liar and perennial good-hair-haver Shay Mitchell, Béis offers a variety of chic, affordable carry-ons and rollers akin to Away but with a few more bells and whistles. The popular digital brand has also begun hosting pop-ups to let shoppers experience its cool girl ethos IRL. After popping up in Los Angeles’ Abbott Kinney area in July, the immersive Béis Hotel experience landed in Dallas’ West Village on Saturday, September 2, and will remain open to guests through Thursday, September 28

The journey begins as you step into the elevator (a mirror selfie here is a must), which leads you straight to your suite with a private balcony. After settling in, it’s time to explore the amenities and activities. On September 23rd you can make your way to the spa, which will include massage chairs and manicures. Later, on September 27th, indulge in room service while sipping Onda (Mitchell’s tequila seltzer brand) at the bar (21+ only). The experience is anything but BÉISIC, but if you don’t believe us, listen to what Mitchell, who came to visit the Dallas pop-up this weekend, had to say about it.

The BÉIS Hotel pop-up (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)
The BÉIS Hotel pop-up in Dallas West Village (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)

Virginia: Why Dallas? 

Shay: I’ve been to Dallas once before, and I remember just loving the energy of the city — even though I was only here for a day. I also have a lot of friends who are out here who always speak so highly of Dallas. There’s just an energy here, and I think that’s really what we go off of. Also, we have a lot of fans of the brand that live in Dallas. When we did a poll as to where we should do our next stop, we had so many people be like, “come to Dallas, come to Dallas.” It was sort of a no-brainer.

Virginia: Where did you do your poll? Via Instagram?

Shay: Yes, which is nice because that’s really how we communicate, you know? Whether it’s like, what colorway would you like to see next? Or what do you guys want to see us bring back that we’ve sold out of before? Having that open communication with people and especially the consumers is the best thing.


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Virginia: How do you like being on the business side of the market?

Shay: I love it. I think it’s the best experience, and that’s what I always tell people. I didn’t go to school to learn how to design a brand or to do this or do that. I think sometimes being thrown into the thick of it is the best way to learn and grow from something. At the same time, I have such an incredible team who is super experienced in different ways that I’m not. I think that’s the other thing I learned early on, hire people who are smarter than you and be clear with your vision then together you will see it through.

The bar lounge (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)
The bar lounge at the Béis Hotel in Dallas. (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)

Virginia: I love that. So, tell me how you got from acting to starting a line of bags — and why bags?

Shay: I’ve always loved traveling. It was something that I noticed there was a white space on the market for. I traveled a lot, and I just couldn’t find a bag that wasn’t completely going to blow the budget. But also, even if it did blow the budget, it wasn’t completely functional. Then, on the other side of the spectrum, I didn’t want to be away and keep having to buy bags that were in my budget that kept breaking — that also wasn’t great. Finding a middle ground of something that I felt proud to carry, that didn’t look super cheap, that could stand the test of time, and have all the functionality that I needed, it just wasn’t out there.

So, I was like, okay let’s create this. Travel has been my baby from the beginning. I started off shooting Shaycations when I was on YouTube, even during Pretty Little Liars, and it was just such an organic fit. I’m like, I have to see this through. My passion has always been bags and here we are.

Enjoy your stay (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)
A note from founder Shay Mitchell. (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)

Virginia: I really do love BÉIS. Even my dog travels in his own BÉIS carrier — I wouldn’t put him in anything else.

Shay: Thank you. Going into pets and babies has always felt sort of organic. When I started the brand, I didn’t have kids. When I was pregnant, I came out with a diaper bag because I didn’t see anything else that I felt proud to carry. Now, having a kid’s line, it’s wild. Like, Atlas uses her backpack to go to school. And I’m like, oh my god, it’s crazy.

Virginia: So, how has your experience in Dallas been? How long have you been here?

Shay: I’m so happy to be here even though it’s a really short trip. It also just so happens to coincide with Drake performing here. But really, I can’t wait to come back and do some further exploring. I’m so happy we’re in Dallas for the month.

Virginia: Tell me about why you envisioned the pop-up as a hotel.

Shay: I wanted people to actually see how the product would fit into their lives. I just wanted to create that experience, and who knows, maybe there’s a hotel to follow…

The wardrobe at the Béis Hotel in Dallas. (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)
The wardrobe at the Béis Hotel in Dallas. (Photo by Courtesy of BÉIS)

Virginia: Experience really is everything.

Shay: Yeah, I mean, we’re so bored of having product shoved down our throats, and I think with a basic store it wouldn’t have done the same thing. So, being able to do an actual hotel and really showcase how our product fits into your life in different scenarios is so great. I mean, we have a bathroom, we have a patio, and an entrance. Like, I love that.

Virginia: How much influence do you get on the pop-ups? 

Shay: Oh my god, I’m on every single detail. The plants I chose. I mean every single thing you see in here has been checked off by me.

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