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Anita Ivancevic Turns Presents Into a Work of Art With Dallas Gift Wrap Creations

Presentation is Everything

BY // 11.20.23

When it comes to over-the-top, our city knows no bounds. Dallas Gift Wrap Creations founder Anita Ivancevic caught on to this in 2016 and began offering her present adorning services, though she had no idea what a hit it would be thanks to word of mouth and social media

“I am very grateful to all the clients who took a chance on me and my vision, especially in the beginning,” Ivancevic tells PaperCity Dallas. “Without them, the company would not be where it is today.”

Ivancevic came to the U.S. in 1992, after she fled the Bosnian War with her family. (photo by Dallas Gift Wrap Creations)

Ivancevic is all glam and glitz — all year round. Her shiny packages can be spotted all over town at luncheons and corporate events, but when November hits, she brings out all the stops. From rhinestone-encrusted glitter packages to the most ornate ornaments atop Christmas treasures, she upped the gift-wrapping game in Dallas.

“My biggest influence was my mother, Nermina Ivancevic, who taught me to go the extra mile in making your recipients feel special,” she says. “Not just with the gift itself but with the presentation as well. She’d always say, ‘You can tell a lot about a person by how their gifts are  wrapped.’ And that still rings true today.”

The team is focusing on bold colors and pattern combinations for the 2023 holiday season. (photo by Dallas Gift Wrap Creations)

Although each parcel is uniquely its own and wildly extravagant, Ivancevic has a very specific and identifiable aesthetic with each package. From the crisp nametag to the jeweled adornments and signature double bow technique, once you scroll through her Instagram, you’ll know her work when you see it.  

When asked about her driving inspiration for the 2023 holiday season, she says she and her team are leaning heavily into bold colors and pattern combinations — especially ones that might prove surprising. Ivancevic also enjoys being challenged by her clients. “Like when I was asked for a traditional cowboy holiday but with mint or French blue accent,” she recalls. “That’s really where the magic happens.”

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The Full Dallas Gift Wrap Creations Service

It’s difficult to count, but Ivancevic estimates that she and her team wrap about 1,000 gifts each holiday season, though she won’t name names. 

“Discretion is one of our founding principles due to the delicate nature of the services we provide,” she says. “But I can share that we provide services to members of the NFL, NBA, and Hollywood.” 

For some clients, every aspect of gift-giving is managed by Ivancevic and her team, from reviewing what was given the year before to ensuring there is a cohesive theme with no overlap. 

“We believe that the gift wrapping becomes an extension of you and your brand and becomes exponentially more important when you are gifting to recipients who already have everything,” Ivancevic says. “It really comes down to how you ‘wow’ them and show your appreciation even before they have opened their gifts.”

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