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Stalking Matt Damon, Close Encounters With Tom Ford and Launching a Christmas Book: PaperCity Dallas Hits Its Stride

BY // 08.20.16

Since whirling into Dallas in 1998, PaperCity has been at the center of everything — the parties, the people, the zeitgeist. As we bid farewell to our longtime broadsheet format (we invented it, you know) for a perfect-bound magazine that debuts in September, we gathered PaperCity Dallas editors past and present and set out on a mission: Find the most unforgettable stories, photographs, and memories printed in 18 years’ worth of our glossy pages.

Here, the best of the best from the early years of PaperCity Dallas. Look in this space next week for morePaperCity history, and click here for our first three years. And pick up the new PaperCity Magazine on stands everywhere Sept. 1.

Holly Haber hops a jet to L.A. with Angie Barrett for daughter Alana King’s infamous debutante party at the Mondrian Hotel.
Lacoste. Café Pacific. Tiffany’s diamonds by the yard. Camp Longhorn. Patagonia pullovers. WASP Style: The 2001 edition.
Eve Reid: An uncommon life. Lives in Dallas. Designs hair accessories. Works for Sotheby’s. Moves to New York. Now, back in Dallas.
“It’s Hot Outside. Stay Inside and Get Smart” states the August 2001 cover. Signs of Intelligent Life feature: “Casually strew Mensa applications about,” we opine.
We travel to the Adirondacks to the exclusive enclave The Point to shoot fashion, with photographer Tim Boole; Ceron does hair and Jeanna Doyle does makeup. Were we made of money?

What’s hot? What’s cool? The Mac Odyssey.
Rebecca Sherman catches up with Caroline Rose Hunt in one of the magazine’s first “Making Style Happen” features.
Alden Pinnell launches SkinCeuticals. That worked out quite well. (Pinnell sold the company to L’Oréal for beaucoup bucks in 2005.)
We say goodbye to Mr. Stanley. A legend forever.
Brooke Hortenstine and Margaret Stafford lovingly stalk Matt Damon at the Dallas premiere of The Bourne Identity.
David Feld admits it: He hates weddings.
PaperCity San Francisco launches with another swell party at Neiman Marcus, and the store’s Union Square windows are filled with magazines.
Francesco Scavullo shoots the October cover and fashion.
• PaperCity goes to Las Vegas to shoot fashion.
We launch our own social register: PaperCity PartyBook.

May 2003 cover
May 2003 cover

We confess love to decorator Beverly Field — mother, historian, tastemaker, scholar.
Peacock Alley hosts a PJ party. Appropriately, we call it a Nightie to Remember. Diamond Dreams is the theme for the 50th anniversary of The Crystal Charity Ball. The Beaux Arts Ball turns 100 at the DMA.
• PaperCity launches its second PartyBook (the must-have tome for any well-bred socialite) and celebrates at Neiman Marcus with a Pop Art Bash.
We go on vacation with Kelli Ford, Allan Knight, Mike Mullen and SuSu Meyer.
Introducing Social Soup — our first-ever, all-in-fun satire of Dallas society and the socials we love most.
Our crew jumps aboard Swiss International Air Lines, flies to headquarters in Zurich and Basel, photographs with Ford model Kristy Hinze (who later marries tech billionaire James Clark, Netscape) channeling Julie Christie in Darling, and flies home. Twenty-four hours well spent.
The Nasher Sculpture Center opens its artful doors. Ray Nasher hosts Van Cliburn, Marguerite and Robert Hoffman, Ruth Altshuler, Margot and Ross Perot and other top brass.
The November cover is bondage in Central Park à la Belle du Jour. Naughty PaperCity.

Rob Brinkley jets to NYC for the Bill Blass auction. He comes home empty-handed.
It’s hot. We’re bored. PaperCity goes to camp for its August issue. Camp activities to include: party planning with Todd Fiscus; roasting s’mores with Kent Rathbun; social whirling with Myrna Schlegel; antiquing with Joe Minton. Camp motto: Camp PaperCity … where everybody knows your name … and who you’re wearing.”
“I’ve been inside the house all of six minutes and I’ve witnessed three karate kicks, two monologues in fluent Italian and an offer of pickled okra.” So reads Rob Brinkley’s introduction to the home of Lucy and Steve Wrubel.
Lynn Wyatt presents John Loring, Vittorio and Maurizia Missoni with the Dallas Fashion Award all in one night? Says Burt Tansky: “Together, they know how to zig and zag, jig and jag.”
Laurann Claridge tracks down the best of the best in private service — “Flush with cash and flashing ice galore, you’re vicariously living like The Donald this month,” she writes. (Who could have predicted what would happen come Election 2016?)
La Duni opens at The Shops of Highland Park, becomes hottest post-church brunch spot in Highland Park. (We mourn its closing in 2014.)
PaperCity Atlanta launches with a third swell party at Neiman Marcus.
Equestrian fashion shot in Central Park; soon after, the horse stables are moved far away. Jean Paul Gaultier leather-and-fur corset dress is $12,000 in 2004; Hermès gloves and crops, of course.
Jeffrey Lee and Rajan Patel open the doors to their beloved, game-changing Grange Hall.
Lela Rose opens an eponymous boutique inside Tootsies. What’s happened since then? New York Fashion Week fame. A chic pad in Manhattan. Her own book on entertaining. A flagship shop in Highland Park Village. Bravo, Ms. Rose.
Tom Ford writes the book that you still spot in every design photograph. Matthew Rolston shoots Tom in L.A. for our November cover. Rob Brinkley insists he must be there. PaperCity co-hosts Tom at Neiman Marcus Downtown.

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The New Old Rich: We gallivant into 2005 channeling Sunny Von Bulow in Reversal of Fortune for our January cover. “I’m thinking of redecorating this whole @**&##! house,” we state on the cover (as does Glenn Close as Sunny von Bulow).
We nickname Todd Fiscus “Padre Sucre” during his unforgettable Mexican mountains-meets-sandbox soirée. “I must have gotten a pound of sand out of my shoes,” says Gregg Asher, who sticks with his Gucci pumps instead of the proffered flip-flops at the end of the beachy evening.
Throwback moment: Neiman Marcus and PaperCity launch the NM Christmas Book. Attendees receive the hottest gadget of the year — the iPod Shuffle — as parting gifts.
Toby Keith x Suzanne Droese x Amy Turner x Travis Ranch = Cattle Baron’s Ball 2005.
Hot wheels with Coby King, Christopher Martin, James Gudat, Mikyung Chun, André Dowd and dad, the late Jack Dowd, and Jo and Dean Guerin. Vroom, vroom, indeed.
Rob Brinkley faces his biggest dilemma ever in a “Tale of Two Range Rovers”.
Kimberly Schlegel weds Justin Whitman in what is still undoubtedly the wedding of the century. To follow: Dear Caroline … Wherein we try and convince Caroline Whitman (Justin’s posh mother) to move to Dallas.
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Why we’d love to host a dinner party wherein T. Boone Pickens sits between Tessa Kuby and Jan Strimple.

“My gaga moment was with Tom Ford. I got a few moments alone with him at the VIP pre-party. Now, that conversation was only ever meant for us.” – Rob Brinkley

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