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The Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Buying Guide: 15 Sparkling Gifts Under $3,000 That Will Wow

BY PC Studios

Going with jewelry as a holiday gift is almost never a bad idea, but it can sometimes be an intimidating one. Getting something truly special — and who wants to give a present that’s not truly special? — often seems like a daunting, ultra-pricey proposition.

But it doesn’t need to be. Not even at the largest modern, estate and antique fine jewelry store in the Southern United States. You can go to Tenenbaum and get special gifts that will wow for under $3,000. There are a whole array of them to chose from. It’s real sparkle without the sticker shock.

In this case, just picking out the gift for your loved one can be part of the fun. Tenenbaum’s swank new boutiques at 4310 Westheimer shows off the sparkling vision of owners Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black like never before. It’s like venturing into the temple of jewels — pampering and attentive service guaranteed.

And this isn’t some shrine that you only can visit if you’re in the market for an engagement ring. Tenenbaum’s vast collection of gifts under $3,000, put almost everyone on your list in play. Browsing online or in the store is a great way to get gifts ideas and make Christmas shopping less stressful and more glittery.

Bracelets she’ll swoon over, watches that make a statement — and estate, antique and designer jewelry that will draw any special someone’s full attention are all available. It’s Tenenbaum so you know any gift getter will be impressed.

Scroll through some of the under $3,000 stunners in the photo sliders above and below this story.

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