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Vintage Masterpieces Take Jewelry Wows to a Whole New Level at Tenenbaum

This Rare Collection is All About the Exceptional

BY // 12.16.19

Every piece of jewelry from the Tenenbaum Vintage Masterpiece Collection has a rich history, hailing from the jewelry boxes of those whose lives were befitting of each piece. While Tenenbaum’s Vintage Masterpiece Collection is a love letter to the past, it’s also very now, filled with breathtaking jewelry looking for its next chapter.

To even be considered for the Vintage Masterpiece Collection, a piece undergoes a rigorous vetting process. Tenenbaum Jewelers vintage experts apply four conditions to the jewelry before adding it to the esteemed collection.

The stories behind each piece of jewelry in the Vintage Masterpiece Collection are the makings of Oscar-winning plots, so qualifying pieces must be rare or close to impossible to replace. A singular design that simply cannot be duplicated is a worthy entrant to the collection. A stunning pair of one-of-a-kind, vintage Cartier platinum and diamond cluster earrings is a testimony to the exclusivity of the collection.

Of course, the condition of the jewelry is paramount. The Vintage Masterpiece Collection is a whole other level of excellence. Only jewelry with a style or design that has not been changed is acceptable. Pieces such as a Midcentury Verdura cuff bracelet set with sapphires, ruby, pearls and diamonds from 1950 or a vintage Chanel 18K yellow gold and pearl woven bib necklace from 1990 fit the bill.

Jewelry speaks volumes about the person wearing it, and each piece in the Tenenbaum Vintage Masterpiece Collection is an invitation to spark a conversation. Vintage masterpieces are wearable and enduring, but they also have that It factor. The immediate feeling that this piece of jewelry is truly something special.

For example, The Edwardian moonstone fringe necklace in the collection is bold in size, but also understated because of the luminous translucence of the moonstones. It creates an immediate bond with the person wearing it, setting the stage for the next act.

Tenenbaum Moonstone fringe
Antique Edwardian moonstone fringe necklace set in 18K yellow gold, circa 1915.

Time is at the heart of any vintage piece, so every necklace, bracelet, ring, watch and earrings must exemplify its time period. A close look at materials, style and aesthetics gives the jewelry context and an intellectual element that extends beyond gemstones and gold.

The Art Deco natural, no heat cushion-cut Burmese ruby and diamond ring set in platinum from the 1920s is an ode to the era with its bold, geometric design, while Tenenbaum’s Victorian 18K yellow gold micromosaic jewelry suite depicting scenes of Rome, clearly exemplifies the detailed craftsmanship involved in micromosaic pieces. Made in the Vatican workshops during the late 19th century, each piece was crafted with small pieces of glass or stone to create small pictures that almost look like paintings.

It’s that attention to detail and a love of the past that make the Tenenbaum Vintage Masterpiece Collection renowned by serious collectors and those who yearn for one-of-a-kind pieces with stories still to tell.

Scroll through the photo gallery below this story, for more looks at these vintage masterpieces. For more information, go to or visit the showcase boutique at 4310 Westheimer Road.

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