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Fort Worth’s Favorite Celebrity Chef Jumps Into Fashion With New Line — Tim Love Rolls Out the Love Collection

This Team Up With Marc Nelson Demin Is Rugged and Stylish

BY // 05.19.23

Fort Worth Chef Tim Love has proven himself to be a multi-industry entrepreneur. He’s known most for his restaurants of course. But Love is as much showman as he is a restauranteur. Now Fort Worth’s celebrity chef is becoming a bona fide fashion force with his new Love Collection.

In bringing his new fashion line to life, Love is partnering with his longtime collaborator and personal friend Marcus Hall ― designer and founder of the small-batch craft denim brand Marc Nelson Denim. Together they believe they’ve designed “a collection that is both stylish, rugged, and sure to stand the test of time. Craftsmanship and high-quality denim are an integral part of Hall’s life,” a release notes.

Tim Love has a big personality and a studied laid-back style that began years ago when he first added merch to his website ― his e-commerce shop called Love Bodega. Then, modern cowboy apparel was added to the snug shop inside the chef’s Tannahill’s Music Hall. Now, Love has launched a redesigned website to coincide with the debut line of his new Love Collection. It’s both premium and limited edition. The fashion line includes domestically made apparel and accessories.

“I love cooking and hospitality to my core because it’s about caring for people and giving them the best possible experience,” Love says in a statement. “But I will never let one idea of who I am or what I can produce limit my imagination.

“Within the past few years, I’ve decided to double down on my creativity and take on projects I feel most passionate about. The Love Collection is just the next evolution of that.”

Love Collection – Tim Love modeling form his new Love Collection – all class Tim Love style. (Photo by Daniel Hooks)
Tim Love models his new Love Collection. (Photo by Daniel Hooks)

A Closer Look at The Love Connection

So what can you expect from Tim Love’s clothes? You’ll find craftsmanship and detailing like:

― The crew neck and V-neck T-shirts are made of soft modal cotton and come in black, blue, gray and white with the Love Collection logo on the hem.

― The dark, medium and light Boot Jeans are made with 98 percent cotton and two percent spandex with a hand-stamped “LOVE” backpatch.

― The aprons are made of 12-ounce denim or duck canvas, with natural webbing straps and have the Love Collection logo in the center.

― The denim and canvas trucker jackets, women’s jeans and women’s shorts have unique features such as custom embroidery, hand-distressing and nickel or vintage copper buttons.

―The bandannas are made of 100 percent Japanese cotton and come in red, navy and natural colors.

―The weekender bag is made of 22-ounce waxed canvas and five-ounce leather with a woven Tim Love logo on the front pocket.

Those who have been paying attention know that Tim Love’s offerings have expanded well-beyond food in recent years. The chef reached into hospitality with his shipping container hotel dubbed Hotel Otto, a “micro-resort.” Then there’s music with his still relatively new Tannahill’s Music Hall. Love even brought to life the first-ever Fort Worth Music Festival. Love tells PaperCity Fort Worth that this festival is only set to expand in the coming years with plans for it to flow into many parts of Fort Worth, not just The Stockyards.

Now, this new Love Collection takes Tim Love fully into the fashion world.

The Love Collection includes denim shirts, men’s dark boot cut jeans, a canvas trucker jacket, a weekender bag and a red bandana. (Photo by Daniel Hooks)

All garments in the Love Collection are handcrafted in the United States, and each piece is designed to be both functional and stylish, with unique features like custom embroidery and hand-distressing.

The new Love Collection is available for purchase now in-store at Goods & Chattels inside Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall lounge and online at

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