For a holiday all about love, Valentine’s Day fanatics often spend too much time checking loved ones off a gift list. A good argument can be made for observing Valentine’s Day by spreading love to those around you. But this year, I’m here to champion the art of treating yourself.

It’s time to shower yourself with indulgent gifts that honor Y-O-U this Valentine’s Day. Cue up that legendary episode of Parks and Recreation where everyone is hilariously taught what it means to have a Treat Yo Self Day.

Its not about what you need, but what you want. Special rituals like breakfast in bed and a stylish cocktail hour at home are often forgotten. Tablescape gift box company Casamia’s Breakfast in Bed Box offers the tools for the ultimate lavish dining experience in the comfort of your sheets.

Houses and Parties’ Rebecca Gardner proves with her chic tableware and home decor that a caviar cocktail hour is something to be celebrated. A Julia Child cookbook will remind you to cook up the joie de vivre the French so elegantly relish.

Fancy accessories like Metagolden’s gold and diamond wing earrings (that come with their own piece of NFT art) or a darling heart heart bag by Alaïa will give you the lavish feeling you’ve been craving.

Treating your body well is the best gift you can give yourself, so a luxury skincare set with the finest ingredients could be a great place to start. Making an appointment with Houston esthetician Deborah Michelson or Dallas facial guru Joanna Czech will surely extend your days of self love. Don’t forget to look in your bespoke Edie Parker hand mirror to savor the glow.

The options are endless and the mission is clear. Don’t skimp on the extravagance and embrace a day dedicated to overindulging your mind, body and soul.

Whether you choose to be out and about or hunkering down, enjoying company with loved ones or enjoying some peaceful solo time, make loving yourself a priority this Valentine’s Day. Consider these essentials for the splurge worthy day of extravagance.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Treating Yourself:

Pima Short-Long Set in Heart
Lake Pajamas
Heart Shaped Crossbody
Casa Dragones Anejo Tequila x Maribelle New York Chocolates
Mel & Rose
Breakfast in Bed Box
Luxury Skincare
Medical Beauty Research
Cashmere Love Travel Set
Lingua Franca
Boobie Pillow
Look Lifestyle
W.I.N.G.S Earrings
Mastering the Art of French Cooking
Julia Child
Faux Fur Hooded Pullover
Stella McCartney
Glass Caviar Service
Houses and Parties
Bespoke Hand Mirror
Edie Parker

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