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PaperCity Conversations — Leila-Scott Mitchell Price of The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences Talks Mind and Body

Francine Ballard Gets Fascinating Figures to Open Up

BY // 09.28.20

To Leila-Scott Mitchell Price, it’s pretty simple. The mind and the body are connected — and it’s time we start acknowledging that in health and treatment routines.

“We’ve really done a number on ourselves by separating mind from body,” Mitchell Price tells editor-at-large Francine Ballard in our latest edition of PaperCity Conversations. “Treating them as though they’re different when, of course, they’re completely and totally interconnected.”

PaperCity Conversations is a new regular video series that highlights interesting conversations with fascinating figures. As the co-owner of The Center  for the Healing Arts & Sciences in Houston, Leila-Scott Mitchell Price certainly qualifies. The Center is a psychotherapy, acupuncture and mindfulness practice which offers herbal medicine, supplements and other self-care products in the wellness realm.

If that sounds somewhat all encompassing. . . well, that’s the point.

“Just about anything,” Mitchell Price says when Ballard asks what The Center tackles. “I’d say if you don’t need an ambulance, come see us.”

It’s an approach to health that centers around the idea that everything works in concert. In this PaperCity Conversation, Ballard even tackles her own fear of needles to try acupuncture administered by Mitchell Price in a must-see scene. Mitchell Price, who is the co-founder of The Center for the Healing Arts & Sciences with her husband, Dr. John Price, is an acupuncturist who holds a masters degree in traditional Chinese medicine.

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She’s also been an events coordinator, earned a degree from the famed Le Cordon Bleu, Paris culinary school and trained in and taught yoga. This  is someone who’s always looked at the bigger picture.

“Growing up, I just kind of wanted my body to do it’s thing,” Mitchell Price tells Ballard.

Many of The Center’s clients come in a specific health ailment or pain (golfer or tennis elbow is a good example) and end up getting into the other disciplines and changing their entire approach to health.

Whether you’re a committed convert to non-traditional medicine or a skeptic, this is one conversation that will have you talking. And thinking.

For much more, watch the full PaperCity Conversation in the video player above or below this story. And stay tuned for future episodes in the coming weeks. After all, a good conversation never goes out of style.

Credits for Editing, lightning, sound: Homer Jon Young
Video: Jenny Antill Clifton

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