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New Direct Primary Care and Functional Medicine Center in Rice Village Makes Health Care Personal — Treating the Whole Person

You'll Never be Just a Number or a Chart at Southampton Medical and Wellness

BY // 03.30.21

Gone are the days of sterile doctor’s offices and medical care that lacks a meaningful relationship. Or they can be if you search out a better way. Patients today have better options and are choosing to integrate their health care with their lifestyle, and they expect their medical team to do the same.

Houston’s own Southampton Medical and Wellness finds its practice on the cutting edge of this emerging, whole patient approach. This is a medical practice that integrates Primary Care, Functional Medicine and fitness coordination in order to offer their clients much more personalized options.

The boutique medical practice is located in Rice Village and the office’s relaxed design affords added comfort and ease that fits right into that upscale setting. There’s nothing sterile about it. Imagine warm hardwoods instead of white vinyl floor tiles and stylish barn doors leading to light-filled treatment rooms.

At Southampton Medical and Wellness, patients have access to the best of both worlds. Dr. Mike Mann focuses on Direct Primary Care (DPC), while Dr. Sara Reader practices Functional Medicine.  Direct Primary Care is an innovative model that provides patients more direct access to, and communication with their personal physician.  Dr. Reader offers patients personalized diagnostic evaluations and treatment of micronutrient deficiencies, microbiome imbalances and other concerns through genetics, stress reduction, sleep and lifestyle modifications with the goal of addressing the underlying cause of many symptoms and diseases.  Together their goal is to optimize results so each patient can be the healthiest, most resilient, highest performing person possible. 

Both Dr. Mann and Dr. Reader are board certified emergency physicians with more than 20 years combined experience in medical practice. They have seen many patients in the Emergency Room for issues that result from poor or neglected health and sometimes misguided behaviors.  They believe it is important for patients to have a comprehensive primary care and functional approach to problem solving to avoid unnecessary visits to the Emergency Room, and they work with a network of specialist providers with the goal of providing completely personalized health and wellness plans.

SouthamptonMedical&Wellness-19 doctors mann and reader
Doctors Mann and Reader describe their practice model as “evidence based while embracing innovation. “

Patients may choose to see either Dr. Mann for Direct Primary Care or Dr. Reader for Functional Medicine. Or patients may choose to see both doctors in unison for a unique whole health interdisciplinary approach.

These are doctors who believe medical care should be more than just writing out prescriptions. They choose to provide more comprehensive and personalized health care in all areas. From preventive and primary care to exploring every avenue that functional medicine offers. Southampton’s patients are the beneficiaries of this coordinated approach. Their patients achieve more and feel better — both mentally and physically.

By adding Functional Medicine to the practice, Southampton Medical and Wellness accounts for the individual differences in each patient. This creates a therapeutic partnership between patient and physician.

Equal attention is paid to fitness and nutrition as to traditional diagnostics such as labs, imaging and specialist evaluations. Southampton’s caring physicians will even help coordinate fitness plans for patients and help them find the exercise strategy that is best for their abilities and goals.

Along with establishing an enduring and trusting relationship between a patient and his or her primary care provider, there are other unique benefits of Southampton’s Direct Primary Care model. 

Patients enjoy:

— ​Direct access to their primary care physician in person and via phone and text.

— Hassle-free telehealth visits.

— Discounted rates on labs and radiology.

— Unhurried convenient medical visits.

— Avoiding unnecessary visits to the ER and Urgent Care.

— Coordination of care with specialists and hospitals.

— Simple in-office non-emergency procedures are included.

Doctors Mann and Reader describe their practice model as “evidence-based while embracing innovation. “Our personality is that of an old school community doc, but we have the vision to look forward to what is best to come for our patients” stands out as one of the doctors’ overriding guiding principles.

Let’s face it–maintaining our health and wellness is paramount for all aspects of success, and the physicians at Southampton Medical and Wellness help patients find sustainable, positive lifestyle changes that, most importantly, work for them.

Southampton Medical and Wellness of Houston is the type of medical practice that more and more discerning patients are choosing.

If you are ready to embrace a more innovative approach to your health, you can learn more at or follow Southampton Medical and Wellness on Instagram @southamptonmedwell,  Book an appointment at or by calling (281) 768-4175