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Now Hear This — Texas Winter Style Tips

What We're Wearing in the Chill

BY // 01.31.19

If you have been keeping up with the weekly “Now Hear This” column, you know I love any excuse to dress up and take pictures at work. This week, as the temperature plummeted to almost the teens, your friends at PaperCity Dallas have all been bundling up in our finest.

I’m guessing there was also a mad dash to Neiman’s fur storage to take out some mink and chinchilla to stay warm for the days ahead. Take a look at our pics and see what we have to say about our own personal winter style.

BTW: we have just started Instagram Live Videos to be a complement to our “Now Hear This” online series. Our inaugural was yesterday and was a conversation between me, Dallas editor in chief Christina Geyer and Samantha Olguin as we discussed our favorite words column. Now to this week’s Now Hear This PaperCity Dallas office question: What are you wearing this winter?

Christina Geyer, Dallas Editor in Chief

Dearest reader, Billy asked us to send in a current photo of what we are wearing this winter and how it makes us feel. But here’s the thing: For this question, I absolutely have to bend the rules. 

Nothing encapsulates how I feel about winter dressing than this selfie I took in late November 2013 — at my grandmother’s longtime furrier in Nuremberg, Germany. We made a pit stop, here, before roaming the Christkindlesmarkt, which had opened that same evening. (If I remember correctly, she left with an incredible red fox… I borrow it on occasion during visits home.)

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With all apologies to PETA and my friends who are adamantly against fur — I respect you; and I love animals — for me, nothing says dressing for winter more than wearing a gorgeous fur. My grandmother passed along her love of fur to me — so I blame genetics for this over-the-top obsession. 

Here, I’m wearing a mink hat, mink vest (a vintage one that used to belong to my grandmother), a pair of Gap leggings, Hunter boots, and a cashmere sweater from J. Crew. 

This is how I was dressing six years ago. It is how I’m still dressing today. And it is how I plan on dressing every winter from here on out — at least any time the temps drop below 40. 

Lisa Collins Shaddock, Senior Editor

I typically love this time of year for its conduciveness to uniform dressing — neutral or all-black ensembles of sweaters, skinnies, and boots that always look put together. This year, however, my stacks of knitwear have left me a bit uninspired (yes, I am well overdue for a full Marie Kondo-ing of my wardrobe) and led me to be a bit more creative. I also have a mild aversion to wearing pants that seems to get stronger with each passing year (I can’t be the only one here) so I’m loving layering dresses like this velvet burnout Adam Lippes over sweaters or pairing shorter ones with black tights.

The sweater-over-a-dress trick is another one I often pull out of my hat (tada! It’s a skirt now). It’s also a great way to get more wear out of cute date-night frocks that wouldn’t otherwise work for the office. And yay for no pants!

Billy Fong, Culture and Style Editor

My go-to for looking chic is monochromatic dressing. When I have done personal styling work, I’ve often shared with clients that don’t have time every morning to come up with something polished and put-together to go monochrome.

Shades of blue from a navy boyfriend blazer, azure T-shirt, well-worn jeans and powder loafers does the trick quite nicely. That said, I was feeling very beige and decided to wear that neutral palette from head-to-toe.

The scarf was knitted for me by my mother over a decade ago. She was incredibly gifted with knitting needles and I had requested an ultra-long (think vintage Doctor Who) scarf that could be wrapped around my neck a few times and still trail almost to the floor. I broke up the beige tones with my Gucci Princetown mules in blue plaid and fur which I affectionately refer to as my “furkenstocks.”

Hillery Stack, Dallas Publisher

This week, I am gearing up for our big trip to Aspen. As one does when preparing for this destination, I purchased a new fabulous winter wardrobe equipped with all things fur… including these fabulous new boots!

Practical? No. Necessary? Absolutely. Tootsie (my adorable pup) seems quite smitten with them, although she started barking at them because she thought they were a new fury toy for her to play with. Can’t wait to après with the chicest of the chic donning my new dreads.

Linda Kenney, Account Manager

The story behind my picture is I am about to jump in my car for the riveting journey on the Tollway to the offices of PaperCity. Smiling because it isn’t bitter cold, I am wearing a vintage leather jacket with a Lululemon mock turtleneck, Patriots scarf (I must always support my hometown team), and  Vince wool pants with boots.

I love to wear styles that are comfortable and colors that blend, not match. That includes a lot of black; I have begun branching out to gray. How wild am I?  

My fur coat comes out in the bitter cold days of winter and so does the heater under my desk in the office. I cannot stand the cold and bundle up accordingly.

It’s difficult to believe that I grew up in Boston, but you know that already. Happy Super Bowl weekend.

Samantha Olguin, Dallas Sales Account Director

These days I have been doing a lot more in office “account management,” behind the computer work, and less out of office meetings. My day-to-day outfit choices have changed to a more comfortable look since I am not seeing clients.

With current temperatures in the 40s, some days my go-to is my tan wool coat, lightly frayed “mom” jeans, cute flats, and a solid sweater.  This jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe all winter long. (A look inspired by Home Alone’s very own Peter McAllister. Such a fashion icon he was.) My coat is by Rachel Roy, my mom jeans DL 1961 (one of the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn), my sweater is the finest Old Navy had to offer and my flats are Michael Kors.

After Christina, Lisa and I went outside to try and capture our best blogger OOTD type pictures, let’s just say it’s a good thing I have a day job. Serious props to those who make these pictures look so effortless and chic, certainly not my strength.  

If you ever have something you want our team to address, shoot us your thoughts via social media or email (@papercitydallas on Instagram; on Facebook; or yours truly, Or, better yet send a message to the office, handwritten on the Smythson stationery of your choice — and feel free to include a bottle of Veuve. Champagne really helps get the ideas flowing.

Look for the next installment of Now Hear This from Billy Fong next week.

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