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Jewelry That Brings the World Home — Ylang 23 Showcases Designers Who Find Inspiration Across the Globe

Which Special Piece Will Inspire You?

BY // 08.28.20

Ylang 23 has been showcasing original works from jewelry designers on the cusp of worldwide trends for more than three decades now. This is a jeweler known for seeking out and championing up-and-coming jewelry artists.

Founders Joanne and Charles Teichman were the first in the United States to offer designer jewelry collections in the mid 1980s. They were also the first designer jewelry company to go online in 2000. The Ylang 23 store in Dallas’ Plaza at Preston Center is always filled with wonders, driven to a new level under the founders’ daughter Alysa’s creative merchandising direction.

Ylang 23’s buyers source the best designer jewelry from all corners of the world. During these coronavirus times, when many of us can only dream of the places we want to go, Ylang 23 has put together some favorite pieces by designers who pulled inspiration from where they live. Those include some of the most beautiful summer destinations in the world.

Here is a rare inside look at the designers and their inspirations.

Two Ylang 23 designers pull inspiration from the rich history and beautiful surroundings of Greece. The ancient islands have a long list of talented jewelry craftsmen. In fact, Ylang23’s owners already plan on returning to Greece next summer to travel with their friends and well-known jewelry designers Lito and Ileana Makri to the magical island of Patmos.

Lito channels Greece’s sun-drenched surroundings and its easy, casual lifestyle in her jewels with the purity of her designs. Her hand-painted enamel eyes are especially lucky for travelers. Her avant-garde works reflects her own travels around the globe.

Lito’s Grecian sensibility
Lito’s Grecian sensibility.

Ileana Makri’s pieces are anchored in Greece, specifically the mysterious island of Patmos. Ileana is another globetrotter who finds inspiration in her travels. She’s known for her “evil eyes” — those all-seeing symbols that protect against negative forces in Mediterranean countries. Her distinctive jewelry collection brings an irresistible feminine appeal, stamped by Ileana’s signature refined aesthetic and use of Old World craftsmanship.

Jewelry Around the World

Lito and Ileana Makri are hardly the only worldly designers featured at Ylang 23.

Jewelry maven Irene Neuwirth takes things to the coast of California — think carved flowers and vibrant colors. You’ll find that combination in everything Neuwirth does. She resides in Malibu and takes inspiration from her salty surroundings ― especially the ocean. Everything in her jewelry collection is sparkly, sun kissed and happy, which is how we feel when our feet touch the sand in California.

Irene’s sparkly designs
Irene Neuwirth’s shimmering designs.

The work of Carolina Bucci is like a love letter to Florence. That refined artistic heritage and craftsmanship of the Italian city has shaped Bucci’s life. A sixth-generation jeweler, Bucci started her jewelry line with Florentine finished gold and easy elegance quickly became her mantra. For summer, everyone loves the casual luxe of Bucci’s Forté-bead necklaces and bracelets, which are inspired by childhood summers making friendship bracelets in the chic coastal town of Forté di Marmi.

On to the Paris of the Middle East and sultry Beirut, Lebanon. Jewelry designer Selim Mouzannar is passionate about the Ottoman and Art Deco architecture of Beirut’s golden age and his jewelry represents its heritage in perpetual movement. Modern history knows that Beirut has seen hard times, but Mouzannar is an irrepressible optimist who will rise from the ashes of destruction of his atelier as well as his home.

One of his favorite sayings is “Long Live Life.” For Mouzannar, life is closely linked to his passion for jewelry, like a pair of his sumptuous earrings in Mediterranean blue and gold, set with sparkling waves.

Selim Mouzannar in Beirut, Lebanon
Selim Mouzannar in Beirut, Lebanon.

Next, we turn to the colorful umbrellas dressing the world’s most famous seaside escape ― the South of France, where villages are built into the cliffs and verdant vineyards beckon us to sit and sip. This is where jewelry designer Gigi Clozeau was born. Nothing channels the casual lifestyle of summer on the Riviera coast quite like a stack of Clozeau’s necklaces or bracelets. The 14K gold and sparkling resin strands pop with vibrant colors and provide that effortless French je ne sais quoi.

There are a lot of jewelry houses in the world. Ylang 23 sets itself apart by taking its customers around the world. There’s inspiration in that sparkle.

For more on Ylang 23’s worldly wonders, check out its full website — and scroll through the photo gallery below for a closer look at these top designers’ work.