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Slightly Eccentric Holiday Gifts for the Slightly Eccentric

You Know the Ones


You have at least one I’m sure. That loved one who is impossible to find a gift for. Someone you know to leave a receipt in the box if it’s an item of clothing. (Yes, that’s me by the way.) Or that person who exists so far on the fringes that they are beyond cool. (No, that is not me.) When doing some research over the past few months, I’ve come upon some truly standout items and wanted to share the wealth. Ahead, discover the best unique gifts for the most impossible recipients.


Yoshitomo Nara Skateboards – Available at the MoMA Design Store online. The Japanese artist, who is part of MoMA’s permanent collection is known for his signature girls — “depictions that are at once sweet and sinister.” Starting at $600 these are more art pieces than ready for an extreme sports competition.


The Disco Chair by Rachel Shillander ($30,000) – Available on The Future Perfect website.

Nearly impossible to describe, but here’s a shot — crafted with 30,000 individually handset mirror tiles it’s like sitting on your own personal disco ball. Reflecting light throughout the day, it’s virtually a work of art continually changing.


A Rick Owens handheld fog machine – Available through Maxfield.

This object was honestly what started me compiling this list. When I received the email it was a WTF moment as I thought how cool is this? If that hard-to-gift for a friend is a devoted slave to fashion, well look no further. Priced at $5,250 it’ll likely the greatest conversation starter when they unwrap the box. And who doesn’t want to announce themself when walking in a room not only by their outfit but by a thick fog trailing them?


Andy Warhol gold bust by Kid Robot (Tom of Finland/Culture Edit website).

This is actually the least expensive item ($200) on this list and it’s a big wink wink to any of my friends out there searching for the perfect holiday present. Like many, I was obsessed with Andy Warhol, and given the recent Ryan Murphy presentation of the iconic artist’s diaries on Netflix, I’m sure many Millenials and Gen Z’ers are now as well.


Sage & Salt

And finally, pretty much anything from Sage & Salt‘s bewitching line of products. If you have yet to meet founder, Corbin Chamberlin, on one of his frequent visits to Dallas (he has a cult-like fan base here) then check out his website or run immediately over to the Conservatory on Two. Chamberlin had been in the stressful world of New York City glossy magazines (have you seen the movie Devil Wears Prada?), and quickly recognized a niche for everyday products that would ward off the negative energies. Corbin created the now signature Smokeless Smudge spray in 2014 that I’m guessing everyone needs as a gift to start off 2023 on the right foot.

Yoshitomo Nara skateboards, $600
Miss Margaret Skateboard Triptych
Yoshitomo Nara
Disco Chair by Rachel Shillander, $30,000
Disco Chair
Rachel Shillander
Handheld Fog Machine
Rick Owens
Andy Warhol Gold Bust
Kid Robot
Sage & Salt's Smokeless Smudge spray, $55
Smokeless Smudge Spray
Sage & Salt

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