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AJ’s Landscaping Helps Houstonians Create The Outdoor Oasis of Their Dreams

From Courtyards to Pools, The Local Company Can Do It All

BY // 10.04.23

For the AJ’s Landscaping team, designing and building some of Houston’s most stunning outdoor spaces is second nature. Starting at eight years old, A.J. Benys, Jr. began painting and growing plants. As a teenager, he designed small landscapes and courtyards. It wasn’t long until he got his degrees in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture from Texas A&M University. In 1982, AJ’s Landscaping was born in a used fire truck, purchased with A.J.’s high school graduation money. Being from Sweet Home Texas, the home of his grandparents’ Hill Country farm, The International American fire truck held special significance for A.J. Today his business creates some of the most beautiful landscapes in Texas.

“This industry is truly our passion,” says A.J. about his team. “It allows us to be artists for people in creating spaces and environments for others to enjoy.”

The Houstonian drew much of his initial inspiration from the courtyards of New Orleans — his mother’s hometown. A.J. was in awe of the beauty found in these unexpected spaces that looked unassuming from the street. While he started with these hardscapes and courtyards, AJ’s Landscaping quickly grew to include more outdoor construction projects, such as pools, kitchens, arbors, and fountains.

AJ’s Landscaping
AJ’s Landscaping transforms family residences.

“Diversifying our services to include construction was a positive outcome for the business,” says A.J. “It allowed us to stay busy even during the winter months and reach a wider clientele.”

AJ’s Landscaping has truly become a one-stop shop for all of Houstonians’ outdoor needs. His business now includes a full team of landscape designers which maximizes the creativity he can bring to a project, an installation team, and a maintenance team. Even after a project is finished, the maintenance team works diligently to change out seasonal plants to keep the space looking fresh and can be called in to spruce the oasis for parties or holiday decor.

For Houstonian Chris Wood, AJ’s Landscaping transformed his family residence.

“Before we had a mud pit for a backyard, all our plants were dying or dead, and we hardly went outside,” says Wood. “Now, our yard is a beautiful place where we can enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate God’s glorious nature with our family and friends.”

And, when you’ve been in business as long as A.J., you’ve seen it all.

“People used to want that old world, rustic look with a touch of French country that incorporated bright blues and whites,” says A.J. “Now, people want a clean and contemporary look. We’re seeing a more eclectic aesthetic, with simple spaces that layer in antique pieces. The mix-and-match approach adds warmth to a contemporary feel.”

While A.J. thinks the contemporary trend is here to stay, he likes to pride AJ’s Landscaping on the fact that they do not have a particular style.

AJ’s Landscaping can adapt to any client style.

“At AJ’s, our style is whatever the client desires,” says A.J. “When we start a project, we meet with the clients at their home so we can get the full picture. Our goal is for the landscape to be an extension of their home and have a seamless connection. We want to know their style inside and out, literally, so we can blend the architecture that they already have with their outdoor space.”

Even decades later, A.J.’s team finds fulfillment in designing the spaces of their client’s dreams.

“The most fulfilling part is when people tell me that they never used their yard before, and now they live in it,” says A.J. “I am proud of all the projects we have completed, and our clients have become like family. We’ve worked with some families for multiple generations. That’s success to me.”