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Making Your House Fresh — Design Source’s Experts Excel in Transforming Your Home Into the Castle of Your Dreams

True Professionals Who Design Your Home Around You

BY // 09.23.21

If you are like most people, you’ve spent a lot more time at home during the past 18 months or so than you might have during the months and years preceding the Pandemic Years. You may have not wanted to work from your home office, or dine in as often as you did, but you did it for the common good. You helped flatten the curve, and you kept yourself and your loved ones healthy.

But you also realized (if you had not before) that your personal surroundings needed some freshness injected into them. Your sofa has served you and your family well, as have the coffee table and end tables, but they are tired. And the wallpaper that you loved a decade ago has lost its charm. Yes, it’s time to make some changes.

Here’s where The Design Source comes in. It’s a name you need to know, because its team of creative and experienced designers can inspire you and help transform your home’s interior. Or at least give it the freshness you desire.

Jeanne Garland, a senior designer at The Design Source, embodies the company’s dedication to your spaces, and she’s an impeccable guide and stellar resource for anyone looking to make changes to their inner sanctum.

“Before diving in to update your space make sure you have a masterplan,” Garland says. “This gives you a direction that will save you time, money and frustration. The best investment for keeping your house timeless, classic and fresh is to hire a professional

“I cannot stress this enough — to destress you. They have the experience, knowledge and resources to set you on the right track, help you through the process, and keep you from making costly mistakes.”

The Design Source
Your kitchen should be, and can be, functional and welcoming.

Garland and her colleagues at The Design Source specialize in the timeless, classic and comfortable, and have extensive experience in all aspects of interior design, including window treatments, lighting, art, kitchens, bedding and everything else related to making your home truly yours.

We asked Garland to share her philosophy of design, because she’s a true go-to professional.

Design Wisdom

Let trends be an influence, not a total commitment. You can use trends in items that are easily changed out and more cost effective. Get a fresh look by changing accent pillows, accessories, lamps, florals, plants, carpet, and most of all, paint.

Unclutter. There are certain items that keep a home looking dated, and clutter is never a good look. First, get rid of silk floral arrangements and plastic plants. Then discard or donate dated-looking accent pillows, accessories, artwork and heavy draperies. The philosophy should be that it’s better to have nothing than the wrong things. Just clean it up and create white space for a while. If it doesn’t create joy, get rid of it.

Vintage and period pieces and  your treasured items are important to keep. They give character and honor history. Then, a fresh look will be yours by adding to the mix a few contemporary accessories, such as lamps, new accent pillows, colorful glass pieces and fresh paint.

You and your personality are vital parts of a satisfying design, and following these suggestions will keep your house unique. And keep your house you. Be you, and do not chase trends.

The Design Source
Balance and proportion are important components of a successful home.

Balance of symmetry or asymmetry is always timeless. Bringing the old and new together create balance and timelessness. A successful room should always feel balanced and be pleasing to look at. It is difficult to achieve this on your own, so find a professional you trust and work with them.

Never ask a friend or neighbor for design advice. Your house will end up looking like theirs and will not reflect your true personality and style.

Why The Design Source?

“I encourage clients to always choose a style that makes you feel happy. Your home should be filled with the things you love,” Garland advises. “Don’t let a trend choose you. It doesn’t matter what your neighbor thinks. Your home creates a certain vibe so be conscious of what this will be.”

When you decide to “get fresh,” Garland and her Design Source colleagues will be ready for you. The Design Source is an invaluable resource, and here are a few reasons why:

— They have a showroom full of beautiful furniture, accessories, lamps, artwork and rugs, unlike the big furniture stores that buy in bulk. This offers you a unique look.

— More than 30 years of experience and a diverse team to work with.

— Design Source’s resources will save you time, frustration, confusion and money.

— They can incorporate your favorite current pieces and give you a fresh and timeless look.

— They pay attention to your personality in the design process.

— The Design Source is all about comprehensiveness, from the masterplan to delivery and installation.

— These experts are passionate about design and love what they do. And your finished projects will demonstrate that.

— Thousands of happy repeat clients have relied on Design Source for their design needs. They even refer their friends, neighbors and children to Design Source.

— Design Source is fun to work with and they strive to make the design process nothing but a pleasure.

For much more on The Design Source difference and the complete range of services offered, check out its  full website.