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Design Charmer Jenn Todryk Brings More Dallas-Fort Worth Homes Into the HGTV Spotlight — How No Demo Reno Is Changing

An Exclusive PaperCity Interview

BY // 09.09.23

Dallas-based designer Jenn Todryk is returning for her third season of No Demo Reno on HGTV with more Dallas and Fort Worth area homes. No Demo Reno‘s new season will premiere this Thursday, September 14 at 8 pm CST, with the first of 12 episodes.

The redheaded dynamo will once again help clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area create functional and stylish dream homes. That’s nothing new. What’s different about Todryk’s style is that she’ll do it within the home’s existing footprint and with little or no wall removal or large scale demolition required. While still achieving the complete transformations that viewers expect.

When renovation expert, designer and social media creator Todryk first landed her own show on HGTV her Instagram account @TheRamblingRedhead had already garnered some 800,000 followers. Now on the cusp of season three, that number has grown to more than 1.3 million.

HGTV stardom has a way of rising your profile to new heights.

Todryk’s design prowess is only one reason she commands such a large fan base. Rather than being polished and scripted, Todryk comes across as real. She’s high energy, emotive and a bit sarcastic. And she’s oh-so-relatable,  juggling her own family life and happily airing her mistakes alongside her successes on No Demo Reno. After all, good design is a journey, not a destination.

Maybe that’s why some 18.4 million viewers tuned into the sophomore season of her No Demo Reno last year.

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Getting To Know Jenn Todryk

Todryk was born in Arlington and raised in Burleson, which she moved to at age eight. She and her husband Mike are currently raising three children in North Dallas. The couple has also owned Armor Coffee Shop in Allen ever since 2019, roasting their own beans and focusing on craft coffee.

A brewery/roastery is in the works as well, the transformation of which will be featured prominently on this season of No Demo Reno. More on that later.

“I’ve learned about myself as I’ve gotten older,” Todryk tells PaperCity. “I’d say that I’m an introverted extrovert. I choose to be happy. That’s my number one emotion. And I love to spend time at home.”

Behind the scenes with Jenn Todryk
A behind the scenes look with Jenn Todryk on No Demo Reno. (Photo by HGTV)

While you might assume that inviting a designer into your home would be intimidating ― opening the door to critical scrutiny — with Todryk that’s not the case at all. She’s not always redesigning other people’s spaces in her head.

“I have to be in design mode,” Todyrk says. “And I love to peek into other people’s homes. Homes are precious, you can see life in them. I never give unsolicited opinions.”

But she does have opinions.

When asked what is the biggest transformation you can make to a space, Todryk tells PaperCity that if you leave all the cabinetry, paint and hardware alone, all new furnishings give you the biggest transformation. But that’s a pricey proposition. So barring “lighting everything on fire and starting over completely,” she notes, “it’s lighting and hardware that really age a home. Updating those worn and dated features is one of the easiest ways to modernize a space.”

What is the biggest design trend she sees on the horizon?

“I’m excited about dark woods coming back,” Todryk says. “I think dark-stained cabinetry and even walls give a beautiful, moody vibe. And I see earthy tones like greens and terra cotta pairing well with that.

“It’s going to be hard to kill white kitchens. I have a white kitchen. The whole white and gray movement really came on the heels of country style. Next we’re going to see a move away from cool tones to warmer woods and richer taupes. I know I’m going to get a lot of pushback on this.

“But that’s where things are heading, and social media just hasn’t caught up yet.”

It’s probably best to listen to Jenn Todryk.

What to Expect On No Demo Reno

Todryk reveals that the shooting of the series can be all-consuming at times, but she takes it all in stride. No Demo Reno which is produced by RTR Media, added executive producer credits for her beginning in Season 2. She’s no longer a television production novice by any means. And you can really see that difference from the style of Season 1.

“It’s something I fought for,” Todryk tells PaperCity. “It changes the workload substantially since I’m more than just talent that gets to go home after shooting. I’m essentially on call all day, fielding every kind of question. But it gives me control of the tone of the shows.”

No Demo Reno puts Jenn Todryk in the midst of renovations for the Robinson family. (Photo by HGTV)
No Demo Reno puts Jenn Todryk in the midst of renovations for the Robinson family. (Photo by HGTV)

Todryk collaborates with the team from Manta Construction. General contractor Victor Manta and carpenter Brett can seemingly read her mind, bringing Todryk’s visions to life.

No Demo Reno has a few other special traits. Unlike many designers who have a very distinct style that tends to get replicated time and again, Jenn Todryk tailors her design to not only the space and existing features of a home but also the style of her clients more than her own. Even if they don’t quite realize it at first.

“A lot of the time they can’t give me too much info about what they are wanting,” she says. “Because they don’t know what they like.”

That’s why the initial walk-throughs with new clients are so revealing on No Demo Reno.

Another novel aspect you’ll notice on the show is the (often witty) captioning that appears. These pop-up captions are used at times to describe the look on Todryk’s face or to explain her design strategy. They tell you what she’s thinking at any given moment. No one was really adding captions when Todryk began doing it, and it’s become another fun hallmark of her unique HGTV show.

Todryk also sells fixtures and other items that are reusable, rather than completely gutting a space. It adds money back into her design budget. She posts them for sale on neighborhood sale sites and her clients reap the rewards.

“In the past, we’d make a few hundred dollars tops on reselling items like that,” Todryk says. “But it boosted our budget by over $2,000 in some cases this season. That’s enough to purchase some statement light fixtures.”

Behind the scenes with Jenn Todryk means lot of work on No Demo Reno. (Photo by HGTV)
Behind the scenes with Jenn Todryk means lot of work on No Demo Reno. (Photo by HGTV)

In the premiere of the new season, Todryk takes on a 1960s home for a family of five, infusing it with an organic modern design. She’ll add arches to openings and spend the bulk of her budget on custom cabinetry, including a custom appliance cabinet in the galley kitchen and installing a striking double vanity in the second bathroom which has to do double duty, servicing not only the kids but also guests.

Local viewers will notice scenes from around Dallas-Fort Worth, from the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to city parks, Reunion Tower and even a close-up of the flying Pegasus.

Future episodes will include a specially crafted bourbon cabinet and a dramatic butler’s pantry with porcelain tile countertops. The transformation of the former Nine Band Brewing that Jenn and Mike Todryk purchased in their hometown of Allen back in 2021, with plans of making it into a brewery and coffee roastery, will also be featured.

Yes, Jenn Todryk always has a lot of her plate.

New episodes of No Demo Reno air on Thursdays at 8 pm Central on HGTV, beginning this Thursday, September 14.

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