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From The Ground Up’s Dan Houchard Shares What To Consider When Creating An Outdoor Space

The Importance of Place

BY // 10.05.23

Offering design, build, and landscape expertise for two decades, Dan Houchard, co-owner of From the Ground Up with Ryan Burkhart, is known throughout the residential landscape world for his dreamy, stop-you-in-your-tracks design. From European-style terraces, architectural elements, and resort-like pools to installation and maintenance, Houchard and Burkhart take a big-picture approach to landscape design without compromising details.

“A garden, whether spacious or small, really comes to life when considered holistically, as well as through the lens of smaller vignettes,” Houchard says. “We want the spaces surrounding your home to not only be beautiful, but to reflect and meet the needs of your lifestyle. The options are endless as we strive to transform every property into a place of play and respite.”

What to Consider 

When designing a garden, Dan Houchard believes the most important aspect to consider is lifestyle. Do you work from home and want a place to privately take a call on a small, private terrace? Do you love to entertain, and if so, do you prefer small or large settings? “We’re coming off the height of Texas heat and looking ahead to one of the best seasons to spend time outside — autumn,” says Houchaud. “It’s time for all of us to revisit our outdoor spaces and think about the way we live, relax, and entertain.”

Elements of Style 

Clients should consider both the look they love and the setting that will best accentuate the style of their home. “Whether a client loves a green and white garden with parterres or a more casual setting with open spaces, we want homeowners to achieve a space they love as much for its aesthetic as for its functionality,” says Houchard. “Regardless of size, a well-designed space that meets a variety of needs is always at the forefront of our minds.”

Space Planning

Think about outdoor spaces the same way you plan interiors. “One of our recent projects included the design of a front entry courtyard with a seating area near the front door, taking advantage of a more public space to gather. The result is an inviting, friendly destination that’s well-used and enjoyed,” Houchard says.

Defining smaller, tighter spaces within the property is another goal. “For example, a garden-like side patio with a pergola, heaters, and fans for year-round enjoyment, bordered with pleached trees and potted flowers, is a perfect place for outdoor dining and entertaining,” Houchard says. “With proper planning and design, spaces like these function as extensions of your home.”

Garden Charm

Don’t forget the finishing touches. “The crowning glory in any garden is the special additions that add personality and interest, from outdoor firepits and water features to benches, beautiful pots, and trellises to anchor wandering vines,” Houchard says. “The character these elements bring to a space is undeniable, and the respite and order they add is invaluable.”

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