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Get Elephant’s Breath

The Hidden Treasure Houston Paint Store That Professional Decorators Love

BY // 03.05.16

Choosing paint colors is the Achilles heel of even the most seasoned decorators. Not only are the options endless, but even tried-and-true hues look different in every space. That’s why many interior designers rely on Farrow & Ball, whose palette is refreshingly restrained to 132 colors, each one creatively and aptly named — for example, Railings, Mouse’s Back, Borrowed Light, Elephant’s Breath and Manor House Gray.

Farrow & Ball paint, made in Dorset, England, combines high levels of pigments and rich resin binders with key ingredients for a superior finish, no matter the project. Every few years, the company retires nine colors and introduces nine new ones. Among the latest, we love Drop Cloth (the precise shade of the painter’s dust sheet), Shadow White (white with a dash of shade) and Peignoir (a dusty gray-pink inspired by chiffon nightgowns).

At Boxwood Interiors, 1320 W. Alabama, 713.893.0350.

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