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9 Things That Will Make Your Coronavirus Home Office Feel Like a True Work Retreat

Gear Up to Hunker Down

BY // 03.25.20

With America waging a battle against the spread of coronavirus, the new normal of spending our entire day sequestered in our homes has commenced.

While some of us have perfected this art years ago, most of us are navigating how to achieve that work-life balance now that the lines have been blurred in an unprecedented way.

Now that our social calendars and out-and-about work lives have come to a screeching halt, we must adjust at home, while trying to drown out the negative and scary alerts that are inundating our news feeds. We’ve all probably done Google search overdrives by now, researching ways to use this time at home to magically transform our inner and outer beauty, cultivate our talents, grow our intellect and more so we come out of this better than ever.

But first things first, how about a curated a list of essential items that will help to keep that joyful and fancy flame alive while we suffer through these weeks of mundane work from home time? Now more than ever, it’s time to rely on the special little things that add a bit of happiness and motivate productivity.

Here are a few stylish tools for this homebound period of our lives — and maybe something to look forward to in the mail when we realize we could only be getting going on who knows how many days of social distancing. These 9 things will make your makeshift work-from-home office feel like a true work home.

Chic Uniform

Coba short blue beach dress coverup MIRTH – 6 (Photo by Georgie )
Mirth offers fashionable, comfy go-to ensembles for the home office.

Quarantine is not a time to skimp on style. A chic yet comfortable outfit is necessary for feeling like an actual human instead of a pajama slob. The flowy floral dresses and caftans from Mirth are the elevated loungewear for the home that we need.


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Throw on a soft floral dress  in the morning and feel ready to take on the day, even if it’s all from your living room.

Beverage Beauty

DIS0008CER001_LIB0003_1 (Photo by Georgie )
The La Double J mug gives an elevated style boost to your glassware game.

Working at home puts even more fun beverages in play. It seems more acceptable to pack your home work space with a Kombucha, a green juice, an herbal tea and Vitamin C boost and a protein smoothie all at the same time than it would be at a crowded office.

A stylish tea kettle tea kettle like a classic Staub pot will allow you to pour tasty tea into this incredibly opulent tea mug from the ultra chic La Double J ,which specializes in happy, playful prints. Kick beverage boredom to the curb and enjoy fun mid-morning or afternoon treats.

Beautify While Working

UK200023150_DR_GROSS (Photo by Georgie )

A crucial benefit of working remote is that you can multitask your professional tasks with personal tasks. Emailing while face masking brings a whole new level of productivity. You can even double down with the SpectraLite FaceWare Pro by Dr Dennis Gross. The anti aging LED light therapy device is supposed to smooth wrinkles and combat acne for a radiant glow.

Cozy Wrap

avalon-terre-d-h-diagonal-plaid–102877M 02-front-1-300-0-2200-2200_b (Photo by Georgie )
(A stylish blanket will shield you from those cold home office moments)

There is something about work environments (even if it is in your home) that somehow makes them frigid cold. A cozy throw blanket like the quintessential Hermes wool throws or the classic Missoni fringe shawl will keep you cozy and stylish for these chilly moments.

Fitness Booster

Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 8.43.56 PM (Photo by Georgie )

With all of this uncertainty, we may as well keep our health routines.

These Bala Bangles seem to be the new way to make every movement count. Wear these jewelry-like one pound weights on each wrist or your ankles throughout your day at home to kick start your fitness productivity. The Los Angeles based founders who happen to be a husband and wife duo have crafted the perfect add on to amplify any range of activities. Make the most of your conference calls.

Whatever it takes to not feel like a total bump on a log during this long stretch of being homebound is approved by us.

Plant Life

138986_b (Photo by Georgie )

Whether you’re working alone or you’re surrounding by family “co-workers,” a fresh, bright plant or floral arrangement is the perfect colleagues that not only will not bother you, but will brighten up a drab, depressing quarantine home office.

This smart indoor garden will give you a side project to cultivate herbs, flowers or even small vegetables while you’re working.

Don’t want to wait until they grow? Get some fresh flowers when you’re able to squeeze into the crowded grocery stores.

Background Music

Roberts+Radio (Photo by Georgie )

This vintage style radio will give you some background music to avoid the complete silence of the home.

In case your home is not silent and instead full of lots of boisterous “co-workers,” some chic noise cancelling headphones may be needed to get through your to-do list. Spice up the usual tech gear up with some style to give your work focus some flair

Clean Energy

While your home is normally a haven for comfort and recharging, your home turned office may carry some stressful vibes now that it is also the place for tricky work projects and critical conference calls. A fragrant energy clearing smudge spray may give you the mental clarity to start fresh each day plus the lavender and botanical smells will revive the room. You will be able to literally smell the productivity.

Cozy Ambience

A candle will elevate any room with both visual elegance and a beautiful small. The Baobab Agate collection offers perhaps one of the most intoxicating smells in the candle game. They offer an extra large candle standing at a whopping 13.5 inches tall that will almost serve as a personal fireplace for an extra cozy and fancy addition to your home office.

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