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Houston’s Most Fabulous Modern Homes to be Shown Off — From EaDo to Sugar Land, These Dwellings Are Cutting Edge

A Home Tour Unlike Any Old Home Tour

BY // 03.21.23

Saturday promises to bring a bright and sunny jump into warm weather making it the perfect day for exploring the diverse residences on the 2023 Houston Modern Home Tour. Doors are set to open on five houses in the greater metropolitan Houston area this Saturday, March 25 and at a special “Last Stop” at the Boxprefab factory for light refreshments and a walk through an ADU completed inside the warehouse.

The latter could be one of the most interesting sights of all as the ADU — aka garage apartment, mother-in-law-cottage, etc. — is fully built and staged. ADU is the modern term for accessory dwelling unit. And there will be light refreshments to conclude your day exploring the work of Houston’s talented architects and builders.

This annual event gives local architects, designers and home builders the opportunity to showcase their work directly to the community. The bonus: the self-guided tour provides an opportunity for participants to visit with the creators behind the designs and ask questions as they explore these unique dwellings.

Sponsored by the Austin-based Modern Architecture + Design, details on the homes are available  here and tickets can be purchased here. The tour is being presented by BEC Engineers and Consultants.

Let’s take a closer sneak peek look at these Modern Houston Homes:


StudioMET 5,000 square foot home in Hilshire Village

Known for its sophisticated and timeless yet modern home designs, studioMET has two residences in the tour — one in Memorial’s Hilshire Village and one in Sugar Land. Both houses speak to the individual desires of the owners and to the site. The Hilshire Village home is oriented with views to the swimming pool and landscaping while the Sugar Land home addresses the luxe positioning overlooking Venetian Lake.

2Scale Architects

Screen Shot 2023-03-20 at 3.29.53 PM
2Scale Architects dwelling in Montrose’s Hyde Park neighborhood (Photo by TK Studio)

This family-focused home in Montrose, built by Southland Homes of Texas, delivers a modern nod to the bungalows that previously populated the neighborhood. Think front porches and gabled roof lines.

LEAM Design Build

This Spring Valley Village residence is the home and workspace of LEAM Design + Build owner and principal architect Luisa Aurrecoechea. (Estudio Rob Photo)

Architect Luisa Aurrecoechea designed his personal home with a style that clearly echoes the firm’s skill at combining aesthetics and functionality, here with multiple living spaces, workspaces, plus indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Grand Lake 5528 IMG 04_1_1
refuGe Design Studio modern farm house in Bellaire, Texas.

The design with crawl space effectively allows the gables of this stylized modern farm house to soar, while the front and rear porches maintain the neighborly, urban fabric.


The Boxprefab precision built, environmentally friendly, and smartly designed prefabricated one bedroom, one bath unit.

Tour-goers will have the unique opportunity to visit a precision-built, environmentally friendly and smartly designed prefabricated home or ADU. Be it a home or hospitality suite, these structures can be completed in half the time as site-built construction.

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