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Take a Classic American Road Trip With ‘Stateside,’ a Meaningful New Collaboration for Artist Kyle Bunting

Hide Rugs Inspired by Cherished Childhood Memories of the Smoky Mountains, Texas, Montana, and Beyond

BY // 07.12.22

Kyle Bunting, a Texas artist known worldwide for hide rugs adapted to spectacular designs, has collaborated on collections with photographer Douglas Friedman and designer Timothy Corrigan. Now, he collaborates with his mother, Peggy Bunting, on a collection of heirloom hide rugs inspired by traditional American quilts. As a child growing up in North Carolina, Peggy was first introduced to quilting by her mother; she’s since made the craft entirely her own, with new designs, patterns, and construction techniques in hair-on-hide.

kyle bunting rug stateside
“Compass” from Kyle Bunting’s Stateside collection, designed in collaboration with his mother, Peggy Bunting

Kyle and Peggy created 18 rugs for the “Stateside” collection, with colors and patterns that evoke cherished memories of the Carolina coast, North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains, Texas and Montana. Kyle’s late father, Jim, pieced hides together as an artist, developing what is now the proprietary technique used in all of Kyle Bunting’s rugs. Stateside is made from Italian hides and can be customized in any color, size, or shape.

The “Lady” design from Kyle Bunting’s Stateside collection is an “amalgamation of classic American quilting patterns with telling Scandinavian influence.”

Shop the Americana-inspired Stateside collection at kylebunting.com, or visit the artist’s Austin-based studio at 1340 airport Commerce Drive. 

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